Ways to cultivate a lifetime reading habit!!!

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Acquiring the habit of reading is one of the most important habits to spend a meaningful life. Somewhere from “losing weight” and “fall in love”, “read more” is another resolution that people set every year but because they are not able to find the best books for them, they drop out the resolution in just a few months. Here, we have compiled a list of things that will help you in completing your resolution of reading more.

  1. Start with set times: You should set time for at least 5 to 10 minutes that you should devote to reading. This is the time when you will read regardless of any excuse that triggers each day when you live in your home. Like, make it a habit that you will read for at least 10 minutes before breakfast. Set the time that you can devote daily for reading. This will enhance your reading habits in no time.
  1. Make a list: Make a list of the best books that you want to read this year. No matter what is the number but choose books according to your interest at the start to develop your interest in reading and to develop reading habits. Whenever you hear about the books for sale online, you can add it to your list if the book seems interesting to you. Keep a running list of books and cross out the books that you have read.
  1. Find a quiet place: To enhance your concentration in reading then it is important to find a quiet and comfortable place in your home. Find a comfortable place in your home and curl up with your favorite book. To minimize distractions, you should find a place away from television and don’t carry your phone with you. If you don’t have such a place in your home then you should create it.
  1. Reduce television and internet time: If you want to devote your time to read more then you should reduce television and internet surfing time. Though this could be difficult for you but you can reduce television and internet time. You could reduce the time of television if you try and try to devote every minute that you save from television and internet time.
  1. Visit the online bookstore to get it at a lesser cost: To get books at good deals and discounts, you should visit the online bookstore. You can buy only a couple of dollars or even more just to buy a few books. Remember that books are not major expenses if you buy them online. Browse through the new books that have uploaded online.
  1. Read fun and compelling books: It is recommended you to read fun and compelling books. Find some books with a grip that keeps you going, if you can find some interesting books for you then you can easily acquire reading habits in no time. Once you cultivate the reading habits, it will help you in reaching difficult books later.

Follow these tips and tricks to acquire reading habits gradually, though the process can take time.

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