Raise kids who find reading fun, not frustrating!!!

Book Reading Fun

Reading is an essential part of life. It is important to make or cultivate reading as a habit in childhood only, after all, reading is the foundation of a career that your child will have in their future. Reading is never a liability or a chore to be completed. Those who love reading, it is the part of their “me time”.

You might have noticed that for some, reading is completely fun while some find it frustrating. It means as parents you are lacking in something, it is your responsibility to make reading fun for your kids. Here are some tips for you that will help you to make reading fun for your child.

  1. Find the right books

At the initial stage, finding the right online bookstores is very important. Nothing can be more discouraging than reading the wrong book. Make sure that your child is reading the right book which is of his/her level and which is not too challenging to it. So, it is very important to find the right books when you want to put your child on reading habit.

  1. Let kids choose their books

It is recommended you let your kids choose their book on own. Kids love being in charge of their own lives, they love to make their own decisions. Let them decide the books that they find interesting by themselves. Of course, you are the mentor of your kids but if you allow them to decide on their own, they will love it and once they start love reading then you can make them read some of the best books that you want them to read once.

  1. Go beyond just the traditional books

It is important to make them read what they like to read rather than just making them read the books of their school subjects. No matter which book they read, it will enhance their vocabulary as well as knowledge. Once they will start finding the magic in the books, they will start love reading. Also allow them reading books on iPads, phones some kids love technology. If your child is also a technology freak, allow them to read with technology. You can go beyond the traditional books to make your child acquire a reading habit.

  1. Add some fun with reading
  • Allow your frustrated reader to wake up late with a book in hands but don’t make this a habit.
  • While reading, start reading in different voices to make reading fun.
  • Don’t just make your child stick to sit while reading. Let him/her enjoy little moments. Allow him/her to play sometimes to do a hula-hoop and so on.
  1. Be a mentor, a guide

If your child needs help in reading, then be always ready to help him/her. If he/she is finding difficulty in reading or pronunciation of a specific word, then it is important to make reading easier for your child. This is the only way that will help your child is growing.

Conclusion: It is recommended you visit online bookstores now and find out the right book for your kid that one makes him/her interesting. Make reading a play rather than making it a serious thing.

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