Best Beach Reads for Summer 2016

During summers, you were bound to have a lot of time on your hands and you’re completely free to do nothing at all and just lazy around lying on the beach, or you can make the best use of your free time and finish through a few easy and undemanding summertime reads. Online bookstores in UK have some of the best beach books that should be on your summer reading list. Here are a couple of books that are in significantly diverse genre compared to your daily commute reads. These books are available at any online bookstore in UK right now.

The Buried Giant (by Kazuo Ishiguro)

Britain’s mythical past has been the subject of many fantastical literary treatments, some of which have been successfully converted into million-dollar movies. The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro is somewhat of a historical novel but with a very heavy mythical/fantastical narrative. The book plays with interesting mix of Roman influences and plotlines that are definitely British in nature. The story is geographically based along the Hadrian’s Wall and Saxon villages that existed several hundred years ago. The protagonist of the story is a couple suffering from amnesia who ventures out to visit their lost son, who has also lost all his memories. Under way Beatrice and Axl go through an eerie and mysterious pre-Roman Britain which is full of sorcery and fantasy. If you love fantasy, this book will leave you in and make you spread eagle on the beach for hours wading deep into Kazuo Ishiguro’s mystery land.

Go set a Watchman (by Harper Lee)

If you have read to kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, you will love this book. This is a sequel to the previous book which sold millions of copies in the United Kingdom alone. Just like the previous book, Go Set a Watchman is an intriguing story about racism. In this book the protagonist’s father Atticus Finch, who seemed to be a proto-champion of civil rights in the previous story, turns out to be a racist and reality. This comes as a shock to Jean Louise Finch and how she deals with it. The novel draws a lot from what actually transpired in the wake of the Montgomery bus Boycott incident in America. The story is as much about the profound social injustice and toxic environment this view from racism as much it is about a white man’s struggle within his conscience. It’s a historically significant book that looks into racism and social conflict of America in the early 60s. An awesome summer read that you can buy at an online bookstore in UK and carry with you the next time you head for the beach.

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