Technology has no doubt made tons of advancements is keep on growing. None of the industry is spared from the usage of technology. Now there are apps where people can read books in electronic formats commonly known as e-books. However the feel of paper, smell of new book, the gentle touch of pages, etc. cannot be forgotten. Those who love are still using the paperback books and they definitely understand the importance of those. They are still buying paperback books to keep their tradition and love alive.

Paperback books were first brought into the picture during the 19th century after which it became a popular style in continental Europe. Soon after, the style of book covers started to lay its base in Britain and America in the 1930s, when publishers began mass-producing cheap but well-designed reproductions of older texts. This was aimed at a new generation of readers, who could not afford to purchase the hardbacks.

Today too the paperbacks are a popular choice among readers as hardbacks remain expensive and are still treated as valuable collectibles among the elite readers. Hardcover books are, after all, only published if they promise high deliverance. However, this does not mean that paperback books are not worth the read. There are several books on Paperback, which deliver noteworthy stories too. You just need to know how to pick them up when you go shopping for them

Here are some tips to keep you from getting confused when shopping for paperback books online. And trust us there is certainly a vast difference between a paperback book, e-book and hardcover book, in terms of prices and formats.

1. Paperback books are widely available on every online bookstore. Before making the click on the buy, just see the details of the book. This section contains the ISBN number along with the format and type of book. Once you have made sure that it is a paperback then you can proceed with the checkout formalities.

2. Check the price and judge for yourself whether it is paperback or a hardcover. After all, even if you are just picking a book to read while travelling, it is going to be with you for quite some time. Plus paperbacks are always tends to be on the lower side of the price scale, so choosing and differentiating will not be too difficult.

3. If you are buying a series and the rest of them are in hardcover then do not make the mistake of buying a paperback edition. It will just make your collectible’s look out of place. Stick to one style for the series. Normally if one site is not offering a paperback doesn’t mean it is not available at all. You can always check other websites as well to have a look.

4. If you plan to carry the book wherever you go, then buying a paperback is the ideal choice. Imagine how heavy your bag would feel if you had a hardcover book with you. Furthermore, paperback books are much easier to hold especially when you cannot get yourself a seat on the tube and are holding on to a strap or a pole. It is more logical as it can be fold and tug easily.

5. You can always choose to buy trade paperback books if you are in a dilemma between the both. Trade paperbacks resemble hardcover books but are not real hard cover books. The only differences are that they come cheaper than hardcovers and the cover is printed on good paper making it as weighty as a hardcover book.

Tips to build your personal library

Books are precious. So much so that we make libraries to protect and store them for posterity. Do you do that with your food or clothes? Perhaps not. So when a valuable book gets damaged then it become extremely difficult to get your hands back on the original book. That is why even if you get your books for sale at dirt cheap rates you still want to keep them safe forever. Here are a few tips that will help you with the basics of getting started with your personal library and collect the best titles of your time and perhaps of bygone years for later generations to enjoy.

Look for cheap book sources

Unlike many book collectors, perhaps you do not have access to a lot of money to buy precious collections. Nothing to worry, you can still get an amazing collection of highly recommended and popular titles for cheap. Look for online bookstores that offer online books for sale in bulk. These will give you the added advantage of free shipping and there is a good chance that you may get more discounts on later purchases. Also you can try looking for libraries for sale. Library owners prefer selling their collections to book lovers rather than to anybody because they know that their beloved books will be in good hands.

Learn how to store books properly

Do not just dump your books on the floor or stack them up one against the other in a wet shelf. Direct light, heat and humidity is the last thing you want for your books. Single horizontal stacks are best if you plan on keeping a lot of books in your library to save space. Buy metal stands that makes it possible for books to placed close against each other with mininum stress on adjacent books.

Periodic maintenance

Like with everything precious, you need to take care of your books. Look for signs of serious damage and replace them if possible. You may still find cheap replacements at online stores that offer books for sale. Remove books from the shelves carefully. Remember to hold them by the middle of the spine and pulling it out gently. Dust and check for water damage before putting it back carefully.

A properly maintained library is not just a source of joy, it can also serve as a repository of priceless literature that are so difficult to find once they are out of publication. Get started today and let us know if we can be of any help to you in finding books for your private collection.

Best Beach Reads for Summer 2016

During summers, you were bound to have a lot of time on your hands and you’re completely free to do nothing at all and just lazy around lying on the beach, or you can make the best use of your free time and finish through a few easy and undemanding summertime reads. Online bookstores in UK have some of the best beach books that should be on your summer reading list. Here are a couple of books that are in significantly diverse genre compared to your daily commute reads. These books are available at any online bookstore in UK right now.

The Buried Giant (by Kazuo Ishiguro)

Britain’s mythical past has been the subject of many fantastical literary treatments, some of which have been successfully converted into million-dollar movies. The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro is somewhat of a historical novel but with a very heavy mythical/fantastical narrative. The book plays with interesting mix of Roman influences and plotlines that are definitely British in nature. The story is geographically based along the Hadrian’s Wall and Saxon villages that existed several hundred years ago. The protagonist of the story is a couple suffering from amnesia who ventures out to visit their lost son, who has also lost all his memories. Under way Beatrice and Axl go through an eerie and mysterious pre-Roman Britain which is full of sorcery and fantasy. If you love fantasy, this book will leave you in and make you spread eagle on the beach for hours wading deep into Kazuo Ishiguro’s mystery land.

Go set a Watchman (by Harper Lee)

If you have read to kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, you will love this book. This is a sequel to the previous book which sold millions of copies in the United Kingdom alone. Just like the previous book, Go Set a Watchman is an intriguing story about racism. In this book the protagonist’s father Atticus Finch, who seemed to be a proto-champion of civil rights in the previous story, turns out to be a racist and reality. This comes as a shock to Jean Louise Finch and how she deals with it. The novel draws a lot from what actually transpired in the wake of the Montgomery bus Boycott incident in America. The story is as much about the profound social injustice and toxic environment this view from racism as much it is about a white man’s struggle within his conscience. It’s a historically significant book that looks into racism and social conflict of America in the early 60s. An awesome summer read that you can buy at an online bookstore in UK and carry with you the next time you head for the beach.

Buy Autobiography Books Online

Have you been in an emotional rut lately? Can’t find inspiration to do something new? Reading autobiographies will surely change the way you look at life. Some of the greatest humans to have stepped on Earth have compiled their life’s important learning in amazing autobiographies and you can buy those books online. In very fascinating narratives, autobiographies give you the inspiration to overcome personal hardships and look at your life from a completely different perspective. Here is a book that is available in every online bookstore in the UK that you can buy online and motivate yourself.

Long Walk to Freedom (by Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela) is a collection of well-chosen memories of a person who single-handedly fought apartheid in South Africa. In his fight against inequality between the black and white man, he was incarcerated for 27 years during which he was degraded to such an extent that it would have embittered any human being. Mr Mandela is the opposite of bitter. He listened, negotiated and fought for a solution that was acceptable to the whole of South African society. Although he is sometimes placed parallel to Mahatma Gandhi, Mandela refused to renounce violence. For him nonviolence was not a moral principle but a strategy and he frequently drew up plans for guerrilla warfare that led to civilian deaths and disturbance. Never for once in Mandela’s autobiography will you come across him shying away from standing behind his actions, instead he explains them to the best of his abilities. Armed warfare was an effective weapon, Mandela says, that was necessary to retaliate against the armed struggle which was imposed by the apartheid regime in South Africa at that time. Long Walk to Freedom is a complicated book, dealing with a very complicated issue in history that is put forward in a very well-balanced narrative. This book will keep echoing in your heart forever and will teach you the value of patience and courage in life.

Privacy – The biggest reason people buy books online than at stores?

When you have a good book in mind, what is the first thing you do to acquire it? I like to buy cheap books online in UK and if you are like me and you love reading books during your daily office transit, then perhaps you prefer books on your Kindle rather than a paperback, right? The number of people who prefer reading electronic versions of their books rather than physical copies is steadily increasing and there are quite a few reasons for the change.

Personally, I’m one of those few people would still love to hold physical book once in awhile, stroking the pages and smelling the piney fragrance of that make paperbacks so special. But I don’t see so many books anymore, except in libraries. Why are more of us buying e– books or even paperbacks online and not at bookstores? I’ve got a few opinions of my own that I’d like to share with you.

We appreciate the little privacy about our choices, don’t we. When you are at the store to buy a book, you will have people looking over your shoulders and from the corner of their eyes checking out your choice of books and not refraining from making judgemental comments about your selection of book. I do not appreciate unsolicited ‘expert’ comments or book advice, and perhaps you don’t either. I buy cheap books online in UK and store them in the privacy of my electronic readers, away from the prying eyes of others. And when I’m committing on the Underground, it’s easy for me to keep my e-books to myself rather than have half the coach peeking over my shoulder and making assumptions about my choices in literature! What about you? Why would you buy cheap books online in UK? Tell us about it in the comment section and share your experience with us.

Cheap Books for Sale at Ria Christie Collections

For students looking for a variety of books and other study material, a book store with a variety of books is ideal. For this, they search online or prefer to go offline to find the right store. Students and parents search for these stores that have a broad collection of books from top publishers and authors.

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Perfect Christmas Reading List

Perfect Christmas Reading List

It’s Christmas time again! The merriment is in the air, shops are filled with holiday presents, decorative Christmas trees, bells and what not! Amidst all these festivities, one can see people enjoying the cold weather with shopping sprees to buy presents for their loved ones.

Whether you wish to buy books for a bibliophile friend or yourself, here is a list of our 3 handpicked Christmas books to help you prepare the perfect reading list for the coming holidays:

  1. A Christmas carol- A classic, this famous piece from Charles Dickens revolves around the life of a stingy protagonist Mr. Ebeneezer Scrooge. He is visited by the three holy ghosts of Christmas past, present and future on the Christmas Eve which compels him to understand and enjoy the true meaning of Christmas spirit.
  2. A visit from St. Nicholas- The infamous poem by Clement C. Moore is supposed to have given St. Nicholas the jolly makeover of a fat, red clad Santa Clause we know of today. Gather all the children in the house and get set for a compelling story telling session.
  3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas- An interesting tale of Grinch whose heart was two sizes too small. Just due to his hatred for Christmas season he used to steal everyone’s gifts. Dr. Seuss however shows us that Christmas is not just about what is placed under the tree but what we foster in our hearts; the Grinch learnt his lesson in the end and joined the festivities with the rest of the group.

Search for these and other amazing titles on Ria Christie Collections, one of the leading online book sellers in UK and get amazing discounts on your Christmas shopping.

Why Should You Be Reading More Books This Holiday Season?

Why Should You Be Reading More Books This Holiday Season?

For the readers this may seem like an irrelevant question. Everybody has their own personal reasons for reading. Some do it to gain knowledge, some for the pleasure it provides them while a few others only read books in order to impress a certain someone in their life. So whatever your reason of cultivating the reading habit maybe, there are certainly many benefits of the activity. Non readers may also like to take note of these points and maybe they would find a motivation to inculcate reading in their daily schedules.

  •  Natural De-stress- Whether you decide to read an online article or a compelling thriller, the written words have the power to transform you to other realm, helping you to distract you from the problems and tensions of the real life for a little time.
  •  Improved Vocabulary- The more you spend your time reading, the better your vocabulary would be. By reading articles and books relating to your tastes or areas of interest, you gain more knowledge and get exposure to a wider set of words and ideas.
  •  Mental stimulation- Unlike other sources of entertainment like televisions, books keep your brain active and thinking thereby making you smarter and lowering risks of memory ailments like Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Just log in to any online bookstore in UK and browse through their collection to see if you find anything of your liking. You can also access the huge directories of online blogs which are usually available free of cost.

Why Should You Be Buying Your Books Online?

Book buying is one of the most enjoyable experiences in the lives of bibliophiles. Whether it is roaming around in the bookstores or open book markets, browsing through the book laden shelves gives readers a sense of happy contentment, unparallel to any other joy in the world. But with the fast changing lifestyles and busy schedules, it is getting difficult for people to find time to actually go out and buy the books of their choice. When earlier it was considered a recreational activity, now readers wish for an alternative solution. And online bookstores provide just that!

Here are some advantages online bookstores like Ria Christie Collections have over traditional book shops:

  • Convenience- Users get the convenience of ordering books of their choice from the comforts of their home or while on the go from their portable mobile devices through such online portals.
  • Competitive rates- One may find several cheap books for sale here. The owner doesn’t have to pay up for the extra costs of setting up a store and that significantly reduces their working overheads, thereby allowing them to offer heavy discounts on their items for sale.
  • More choices- You can browse through their entire collections in different genres of your choice with few simple clicks of your mouse, without having to roam around the entire store. The search feature also allows you to find any title of your choice easily with little hassle.

Besides these benefits, users can also compare offered prices of books on various stores online and read reviews of that product before making their final purchase. To buy cheap books for sale, visit

Online booksellers in the UK for your favourite books


Online shopping has become a common phenomenon, especially with the inception of different ecommerce sites and online shopping portals. However, for certain things and products, people often prefer to go offline at famous stores to shop for their desired products. Books are also among the desired products that people love to buy from a reputable bookstore.

However, these are the topics of bygone era because the advent of the internet and the online availability of books have changed the way we shop nowadays. If you are also one of those who want to buy classic books or books for any particular subject or are looking for historical books from famous authors, you will have a better chance of fulfilling your requirement online. Indeed, renowned online booksellers in the UK have thousands of books from world-famous authors, poets and scholars.

These renowned online booksellers in UK update their book collections regularly, while offering a gamut of other services like free delivery, easy return policy, same day dispatching and affordable prices.

Among some of the reputable and trusted online book stores from where you can buy the right books of your choice is Ria Christie Collections, the right platform for you to fulfill your requirement. Being a leading online bookstore designed especially to appease the bookish needs and desires of avid readers and bibliophiles, Ria Christie Collections hosts book collections from a multiple of genres classified into two wider categories of Classic Books and Generic books.

Here, an amazing collection is offered to passionate readers at affordable prices. You only have to choose for your required and desired books. The online professional booksellers at Ria Christie Collections will do the rest for you.