The New Bestseller list from Ria Christie Collections

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Books can be the most important part of our lives, if you know their importance. There are books available for every age group from kids to youngsters to adults to old age people. Every website or companies in this industry releases the list of their bestsellers. This list includes the books which are loved by maximum number of people in the current tenure. These are the books which are must read and includes several kind of genres based on the choices of the people.

If you are searching a book to make your kid read more, to improve handwriting and to know the value to read then here are some books for your kids too. Or if you are doing a course still there are books for you which will help you to succeed your course. Whether you want to improve your English or whether you want to improve your mathematics, you will find a book for yourself which will help in enhancing your reading as well as learning experience.

So here is the list of best sellers of Ria Christie Collection in the month of April:

Oxford School Shakespeare Midsummer Night's DreamOxford School Shakespeare- Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare, Roma Gill: This book is one of the most popular texts among students and the book is designed for secondary students all over in the world. The book contains full accessible notes ideal for students, with range of illustrations both explanatory and decorative attracts students to read the book with interest. The book includes website links, preliminary notes and illustrations as guidance.

Oxford School Shakespeare- Hamlet by Author William Shakespeare, Roma GillOxford School Shakespeare- Hamlet by Author William Shakespeare, Roma Gill: The book is designed for school students. This book is one of the most influential books ever written by William Shakespeare. This edition of the book contains notes on each page, including classroom notes and other website links which one can read and have a better understanding of the book. The edition has been simplified for the students to learn better.

Maths in Action Advanced Higher MathematicsMaths in Action- Advanced Higher Mathematics by Edward Mullan, Clive Chambers, Peter Westwood: The book is designed to fully support students and is designed based on the new curriculum of Mathematics. The book contains examples with full explanation such that one can do self-study without much of the external help. The review exercises after each chapter and the reminder notes offer students a great learning experience. The book contains various types of question with well explanatory makes it easy to understand by students.

Living Faiths Judaism Student BookLiving Faiths Judaism Student Book by Sue Schraer, Janet Dyson, Robert Bowie: The author describe in the book that how faiths acts and live in daily life of the people.  The book has been made interesting to engage students with digital video clip that how faith is practiced in daily life of the people. The writer use enquiry approach so that students will ask themselves that how they practice faiths in their daily lives. The book piques the curiosity at several points.

Course Notes Equity and TrustsCourse Notes- Equity and Trustsby Simon Barnett: The book is designed and written to help law students. If you are a law student then this book will make you succeed in Law assessments as well as in Law examination. With the help of this book, one is able to compile the knowledge which one needs at the time of under graduation. The book contains key points, self assessments to solve and explain the book in such a way that students will find no difficulty in what the author wants to understand.

Unlocking Company LawUnlocking Company Law by Susan McLaughlin, Sue McLaughlin: As the name says “Unlocking Company Law”, one is able to learn company law with ease with the help of this book. All the information is described in such a manner which is really very easy to understand. Key fact boxes, chapter summary, self test questions make it an easy book through which a student who want to learn company law can do it with ease.

10 Minutes a Day Maths Ages 5-710 Minutes a Day Maths Ages 5-7 by Carol Vorderman: The writer make it really very easy to learn Mathematics with fun activities in this book. If your child can’t understand mathematics and find it the most difficult subject this book will help your kid to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, patterns, shapes, measuring and much more with fun. So that your child will learn mathematics as well as problem solving in a unique as well as fun filled way.

Letts Wild AboutLetts Wild About by Letts KS2, Rachel Grant: getting the right book for younger kids is always a tough task. This book is according to the syllabus of KS2, the writer make it interesting to read comprehension for kids such that your kids will love to read with the world of their dreams such as animals. The writer design book in a manner which is related to the imaginary world of animals for kids such that your child will love to explore about animals.

Letts Wild AboutLetts Wild About by Letts KS1: If your child has bad handwriting? If you want to improve your child’s handwriting in a fun filled way then this is the perfect book for you. The book includes animal’s pictures and description such that your child will love to explore animals in fun way along with improving hand writing too. The book contains a little description related to animals which your child will love to read. This is a new way of engaging and teaching the kids.

Oxford Playscripts The Canterbury TalesOxford Play scripts- The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, Martin Riley: The book contains lots of original plays which make it really very interesting to read for readers. The writer explain small plays in such an dramatic way that a reader will feel like he or she is watching a play in front of him or her not just reading in a book. The book is designed for KS3 students with the notes to make it easier for students to learn the book.

Some Books for in-depth Reading- Get Engaged till the last page

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There are lots of books which one should read but there are also certain kinds of books which one should read in depth. These books or novels engage the reader in a way where they can’t close the book till they have completed it. While short and to the point books becomes famous in this digital age, but if you want to have a better reading experience then these deep novels are the novels which you should read at least once in life.

They have substance, story, drama, and full recipe of entertainment. These books are addictive and force you to turn page over and over till you see the line “the end”. These books are always counted as the classics and are famous even after decades from the first time they were published.

The Hidden Life of TreesThe Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben: The book is really very interesting to read. The author asks the question to readers that “Are trees social beings? And then describes forest as a family. The author says that the trees live as humans live like the trees communicate with each other, the parents trees live together with their kid trees they support each other when a tree is struggling by sharing nutrients and even they warn each other if they face any problem. The author describe the things in such a manner that one will love to read. The author has created a charm in the book.

The Hate U GiveThe Hate U Give by Angie Thomas: This is a powerful, award winning adult novel. The novel shows us the prejudice in 21st century where a girl fight for justice as a police officer shoots her childhood friend. The novel represent the two lives which she is living one is where she lives, the poor black neighborhood another one is the fancy school where she has to go daily. The book is about how the girl get justice and how the people protests and walk in streets whether they don’t know the exact truth behind the death of her friend.

When Breath Becomes AirWhen Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi: The book is an autobiography non-fiction book in which the author describes the time when the author was struggling against metastatic lung Cancer stage 4. The author died while working on this book but write this book in an amazing manner. The writer asks lots of questions which are really difficult to answer. The author facing circumstance when the writer becomes a patient from a doctor. He asks, what will you do when your life changes completely? What does it mean to have a child as your own life is at risk and you have a little time to life? The writer writes his own feelings in this book.

Sea of CrisesSea of Crises by Marty Steere: The book describes the situation of a complete silence after the loss of the communication during the first moon walk by the astronauts. This ended in a tragedy that three astronauts lost their lives and no one knows the exact reason of their deaths. But after 36 years, Cartwright’s son discovers a new thing which stuns everybody that the buried death was not his father. The book is really very interesting to read. There are twists and turns at every page, which will not only pique your curiosity but will also, keep you entertained.

Selective MemorySelective Memory by Jennifer L. Jordan: The novel is really beautiful novel with lots of experiences which a person faces after the horrible incident of losing the memory. The same would not believe on his family thus hire an investigator which helps him to recreate the moments and will help him to remember things. The writer describes in a great way which one find really very interesting to read. The struggle of the character is defined in the most genuine manner.

Reeds in the WindReeds in the Wind by Grazia Deledda, Martha King, Dolores Turchi: The novel describe the story of three Pintor sisters in addition with the beauty of landscapes. The writer describes the famous religious festivals and the culture of folks of island. The story is about family of sisters who are great landowners but now due to certain circumstances losing their land. The hurt, fight and struggle are the intricate part of the story. The story takes lots of turns which are really very interesting to read.

The Scarlet LetterThe Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne: The novel crafts the psychological repression and social oppression. The writer writes the novel in 1850 and considered as masterpiece by the writer. The writer frames a story from 17th century from a village and the main character of the story is Hester Prynne who is borne a child out of wedlock. She thinks that she is widow while her husband alive. The story is about the girl who faces lots of social oppressions.

In This Living BodyIn This Living Body by M J Sullivan: The novel starts with a suspense that a person has come from Japan to be just trained as assassin or he has some other plan darker than he is showing. The story includes mystery in addition with the suspense and twists on each page. The writer describes the novel in very beautiful manner and grabs all the attention of the writer. Every line in the book has the ability to hold the attention of the reader.

The Strange Adventures of Captain QuintonThe Strange Adventures of Captain Quinton by Robert Quinton: The writer read a copy written in his childhood and describes the same in this novel. As his father don’t know how to write a book and didn’t have formal education. The writer writes the story in an expressive way which is really very interesting to read. The stories of his past re-written by him with a new perspective make the book more interesting.

Snowballs and Scotch mistSnowballs and Scotch mist by Andrea Frazer: In this book, a lady Amanda gets an invitation to spend a night with his friend in Scotland. She agrees to have trip to Scotland. After this a murder takes entry in the story making many characters as suspects. It is mysterious book to read. The mystery of the murder goes on and really it is quite hard to guess the real culprit.

The Bestseller books for the month of April

Best books to Buy

You will be shocked to know that more hundred Lakh of books are published every year in the world. Some of them are self published where some of them are published though a publishing house. Still only a handful of books are titled as bestsellers. Why? Books get the bestsellers title because of the amazing plot and the fame it is getting among the people.

It is the list of books which are really worth reading. However the list differs from platform to platform, still in the end some of them are still same in every list. Whether you are an adventurous person want to read something exciting or whether you are plain and simple reader, in any case these books are really worth reading. With thrill, excitement, drama and emotions, these books has become the bestsellers of the month.

Let us have a look on the titles of few of them.

The Girl BeforeThe Girl Before by Author: J P Delaney: It is a mystery thriller by the author. In this book, the author tells the story of two women named as Anna and Jane who lived in same apartment. In this story you will read the similar experiences of both Anna and Jane. The past story of the Emma make it more interesting story. When you read this book, you will wonder to see which one is truth or which one is the lies.

Behind Her EyesBehind Her Eyes by Author: Sarah Pinborough: It is a psychological thriller. This book is about a young woman Louise who goes to a bar on a weeknight ends up meeting a man and having a very good time. However the next morning when she goes to work, she finds out that that man is her boss as well as he is married. You will read different perspectives of the man and his wife as well the woman Louise. This makes the story really worth reading.

Why Mummy DrinksWhy Mummy Drinks by Author: Gill Sims: This is really a brilliant story by the author. The story is about boy child Peter, Girl child Jane and daddy have exciting adventurous with mommy which is really fascinating to read. In the book, the daddy loves to do adventure and likes gadgets. The story is really an exciting one with full of thrills that if you are adventurous then this book is just for you.

The DryThe Dry by Author: Jane Harper: This novel is really a mysterious thriller. The novel starts with three bullies found in their farm house. The story includes a murder by a man to his own wife and then killed himself as well. But the writer forces the reader to think about whether he can do this? Then a police officer who is a friend of the person who may have killed his wife come in the scene and lots of suspense comes in the book.

The BreakThe Break by Author: Marian Keyes: The book is about the woman called Amy who is happily coppertop and working in PR. She has got three daughters. the husband of the Amy says that he has not left her wife as she wants to live alone for six months and to go for trips. The story says the beautiful life they live together and the life which they live separate makes it worth reading.


He Said-She SaidHe Said/She Said by Author: Erin Kelly: The twists in the book are really very awesome. The book is about a couple as the name says “He Said/She Said”. The author will impress you while writing on really a difficult subject “rape”. And write the book in such a creative and unique way. The writer describes how our society and we are biased and against rape victims. With the serious subject, the writer writes about the different perspective of both man and woman.

Spook StreetSpook Street by Author: Mick Herron: The writer has the ability to persuade the reader such that the reader can have conversations alone. The book is about the old spook loses his mind. The writer questions after the retirement, a person forget to keep the secrets even they forget that these are the secrets. The book written in spy fiction such that the reader will feel bounded with the writer.

SirensSirens by Author: Joseph Knox: This is really a thrilling novel by author. It is a debut novel by the author. The story starts in an area which includes lots of Drug dealers, the people are really very dirty, gritty and living difficult kind of life. Then the story takes a new turn where a person is looking for his daughter who ran away. The person is the MP of the place who is living a luxurious life. The story takes a new turn and a guy comes into the scene. With lots of new turns, it becomes really very interesting when you will read this book.

Birdcage WalkBirdcage Walk by Author: Helen Dunmore: The book is about Europe when it is seized with violence in 1792. The writer describes each event in such a way that the reader will find himself in the past period and can enjoy the book as the one is seeing the movie.


WinterWinter by Author: Ali Smith: The author describe thoughts and feelings in such in excellence way. The author describes the different opinions within families. The book is about a man called Arthur who gets called art and writes a nature blog. The book is luminously beautiful.


What People Are Talking About?

Best Books to read

Have you heard the latest trend in the books people are talking about? We hope not. Well here are some of the books which are getting interest among the readers all over the world. You will definitely gonna enjoy reading them.

SapiensSapiens, Author: Yuval Noah Harari: The book is really bold and provocative. The writer force the reader to do a lot of questions to themselves such as who makes you the best from others animals and why we are the brilliant than others. The writer describes in the book like who we are and how we came here and asks lots of questions to readers as well gives answers. The book is really very interesting and worth reading such that you should read at least once in your life.

Artemis FowlArtemis Fowl, Author: Eoin Colfer: The main character of the story of this book is a boy named Artemis and the other one is the smart young man who is rich and has plenty of resources and loves to commit crimes. The story took lots of turns where the rich young man threatens him to destroy all the living things of his home because Artemis tries to catch the criminal. The writer describes the story in very interesting way and unique way.

Murder Most UnladylikeMurder Most Unladylike, Author: Robin Stevens: The book is about two friends called Daisy and Hazel who tries to uncover a mystery about Miss Bell being murdered. When you will read the book, you will find the characters are very well described and the different way to solve the mysterious of the both where Hazel don’t direct jump to conclusion and try to investigate first all the things. You will love the book when you read it.

Anything is Possible Winner of The Story Prize 2017Anything is Possible by Elizabeth Strout: The book tells us the story of the inhabitants of rural, dusty and a new writer who has recently returned to New York City. The writer returns after a long period after seventeen years. The story tells us the bonding which we have with our families, siblings which the writer has left behind. The writer of the book says the bonds we have with our loved ones and the book is really lovable to read.

The Lost WordsThe Lost Words, Author Robert Macfarlane, Jackie Morris: The writer says that there are number of words which has been deleted from the life of the children such as they don’t love nature, they don’t feel the connection with the nature’s beauty and landscape. The joy and the adventurous life of the childhood have been disappeared in the life.

The Lie of the LandThe Lie of the Land, Author: Amanda Craig: The book is about a couple and two adults. The couple of the story wants to get divorced but unfortunately they can’t afford to get divorce as well as if they sell their house then they are not able to buy the new one. The adults were different in their perspectives and what were their perspectives? It is really very interesting to read the book with lots of new twists.

Conversations with FriendsConversations with Friends Author: Sally Rooney: The story starts with a girl which is a college student and really very cool hearted and darkly observant as well. She is an aspiring writer as well. She has a girl friend named Bobbi with whom she spoken word in night. Then they come to know a journalist and lots o new turns come in the story. If you will read this book, you will find yourself in forgetting yourself in the story and will love to read the beautifully described book by the writer.

LullabyLullaby, Author: Leila Slimani: In this book a young upwardly mobile family goes in the search of the services of nanny to look after of their two children. The author described the anxiety, the apprehension and the tension when you have to look a nanny for your children as you are a working mother and can’t look after your children by your own. The book is really very interesting to read.

The History of WolvesThe History of Wolves, Author: Emily Fridlund: In this book a 14 years girl lives with her parents in an ex commune near to a beautiful lake. The story is about the girl who has friends in her school. A school teacher encourage her while her schoolmates called her commie and freaky. The book describes the life of this 14 year girl in such in excellence manner.


An Unsuitable MatchAn Unsuitable Match, Author: Joanna Trollope: The story is about a family, love and really very beautifully described by the writer. In this story a girl is engaged with boy who really loves her but the problem is that this is the first time of the either and they listen to others prospective and all the five children have different to say about this matter. The story is really simple and beautifully described.

Inside the WaveInside the Wave, Author: Helen Dunmore: This is the last poetry book of the writer. The book is about impending death and with a coincidence that this book is published just before the death of the writer. The writer says that there is something alive in the waves which can’t be dead till the waves move. The writer poets the lines beautifully.

Fabulous FinnFabulous Finn: The Brave Police Dog who Came Back from the Brink Author: Dave Wardell: The book is about the inspirational life of the Britain’s Brave animal. Finn saves the life of the Dave and does really a brave task. The book is about an incredible journey between friends and their loyalty. The book is really a simple book based on love, trust among the friend and the bravery of the one to save another one.

The Only StoryThe Only Story, Author: Julian Barnes: The novel addresses the idea of time and memory which is really interesting to read. You will love the book when you read how the writer examines the time and the memory. You will love the power of the writer to pick up a subject which is really unique and writes it in amazing way. 

Crime Novels from the heart of UK- The best ones so far


A lot of people enjoy reading about thrill, suspense, mystery and a lot of things on the similar line. They need substance in these books to admire and appreciate it. You will be surprise to know that Mystery or crime is a genre which is liked by a lot of readers. They are always seeking a good crime novel. A lot of new authors have jumped in this genre to gain popularity. However as the saying goes, “Old is gold”, the older crime novels were something different.

Here is the list of the best crime novels of their time which are still adored and loved by everyone, everywhere. These books are available in the library of every crime novel lover. Hope you will enjoy it to

The Woman in WhiteThe Woman in White by Wilkie Collins (1859): This is the fifth published novel by Wilkie Collins. This novel is considered as the first sensational novel in English and one of the finest mystery novels including mystery stories. The story is about a woman, where Collins creates a complex web such that reader can’t be sure that what the truth is or what is not. Several characters in the story take up turns while telling story. The technique was firstly used by the writer then copied by many other writers in other novels.

Strangers on a TrainStrangers on a train by Patricia Highsmith (1950): Strangers on a train by Patricia Highsmith is a debut novel. The writer describes the story of Guy Haines and Bruno who are the passengers on the same train. Guy is a successful architect but manipulated by Bruno to do a murder. Guy is trapped in the perilous world of the Bruno where anyone can do a murder. An interesting read.

The Daughter of TimeThe Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey (1951): It is considered as the greatest crime novel of all the time which is pretty big accolade. The story in the book follows a police detective who is posted in a hospital and faces the boredom. Then a women friend of his come and does something unique for him. She came up with the prints of pictures and then the story take turn which is really very surprising to read. When you will read this book, you will say how it could be possible. It is really very surprising novel. Every turn in page will make you want to know more.

The Murder of Roger AckroydThe Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie (1926): The book is about what the title of the book say “the murder of Roger Ackroyd”. Roger was a rich man and was blackmailed by someone, since a while. The book is very much driven by the timeline of the events that happened before and after the incident. The surprise is about the killer “who is the killer of Roger” whether it is the blackmailer or someone else. The story takes new turns with the time. The start and end of the book is marvelous which will amaze you with the hidden surprises.

The Madman of BergeracThe Madman of Bergerac by Georges Simenon (1932): The writer is the world’s most successful crime writer. The story is about the Madman of Bergerac, who is a murderer. He was always terrorizing a small town named as Bergerac. The writer is an inventive writer and story teller thus describes the story in a unique way. If you have not read the book then you need to read it. It is a thriller cum mysterious story which will shock you with the surprises.

The Nine TailorsThe nine Tailors by Dorothy L Sayers (1934): It is one the finest mystery books. The story is well detailed and so as the characters of the story. The story is about the nine strokes from the church bell to the death of a person. The story starts with the ringing bell which is really wonderful. If you will read the book you will find mystery as each character come in the story.

RebeccaRebecca by Daphne du Maurier (1938): Rebecca follows a young woman who is travelling through Europe, as a companion of older woman she meets with an older man. The first sentence of the book will make you to read the whole book. The story starts with the line “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again”. The book is so beautiful and creepy which you will definitely love to read.

Miss Smilla's Feeling for SnowMiss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow by Peter Høeg (1992): Smilla is an unusual woman and lives alone. When a young boy whom she befriended fallen off a building, she feel that something wrong has happened. She has an ability to understand the snow and her intuition is that it is a murder. The book is so surprising and exciting to read. The story is about Smilla, her power to understand the situations and her interpretation which are unique and along the lines which no other will even think about.

In Cold BloodIn Cold Blood by Truman Capote (1966): It is a non fiction novel about the murders of the clutter family in Kansas. It is a new kind of literature and this is about the real events. The story written by capote is well researched and the characters of the story are real. The book is written in unique style by the writer and well detailed about the characters as well as the events. If you haven’t read the book yet then you should read it. It is worth a read.

The Name of the RoseThe Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco (1980): The name of the rose is the debut novel by Umberto Eco. It is an historical book related to the mystery of the murder. This book has become one of the most selling books. As the story unfolds one may find many surprising events which are worth read. Several monks died in the story with the new twist and turns in the story.

Don’t forget to close the doors tonight! Happy Reading!!

Create a Reading Habit from the Start-There Are No Drawbacks

Create a Reading Habit from the Start-There Are No Drawbacks

If reading is a habit, you would like to get into then there are a number of ways to cultivate it, especially in the kids. But first of all you have to realize that reading is highly enjoyable, if you have a good book to read. Hence think when you decide on the books to buy. Reading books add value to your life and to add value to your life you have to grab and know information as much as you can which you can get from books. Books are like a treasure.

Nowadays buying a book is quite easy and convenient. There are several online platforms and websites which offer cheap books online. Hence you can read anything without spending too much. Reading is something which anyone can do and enjoy, one just need patience for the same.

Here are tips to help you cultivate a lifetime reading habit in both kids as well as adult:

1. Set times: You should have take out few minutes every day where you can read for at least 5-10 minutes without any disturbance. Make your reading at the favorite time of the day. For example: Set a morning time when you wake up to read for 10-20 minutes and don’t leave this habit in any circumstances. Just go with what you have set.

2. Reduce TV/Internet: If you really want to read more, if books are best friend for you then try cutting back on TV or internet consumption. It will save your time such that you will have to read books. Every minute you reduce of internet or television, you could use it for reading. This could create hours of book reading time. The list of books to buy should be interesting enough to motivate you in this direction.

3. Find a quiet place: Find a place in your home or wherever you live where you can sit comfortably without any interruptions so that you will enjoy reading. Now you will be able to curl up with a good book without any disturbance.

4. Read fun books: Find the books which are really griping and keep you going. So that you can enjoy reading gradually. Reading fun and compelling books will make you feel pleasurable. As we have said earlier your books to buy should interesting and the genre should be according to your taste. Have some good tea or coffee while you read or you can enjoy another type of treat as well. It will make you feel comfortable and you will really enjoy reading books.

5. Have a library day: Library is even cheaper than a used book shop; of course here you can take books to read for free. Make it a weekly trip and take up the books which you really want to read. It will develop your reading habit. Now even you can get cheap books online so think about that too.

6. Set a high goal: Set goal yearly and try to accomplish it even in unfavorable circumstances. Remember don’t make it a rushed chore. Like tell yourself that you want to read 40 books in a year and it is important to accomplish it on time.

7. Always carry a book with yourself: Wherever and whenever you go, take a book with you. If there is time when you have to wait, whip out your book and read. It really works for you and in your free time you will able to learn something as well as you will enjoy that time. It is a great way to pass the time.

8. Get books on discount: You can either get books on discount at store or get cheap books oxnline. Or you can buy a used book from any shop with a huge discount. You don’t have to spend large amount of money while buying books, so it is great way to get books on discount. You can buy used book on a high discount.

9. Make a sequence to read: People will tell you to either read or pick up any book to read. Read as much as you can every day. But it is not the right way to develop the reading skills as they will not going to give you a guideline through which you can develop reading skills gradually. Most people don’t understand the power of sequencing when it comes to enhance the reading skills.

10. Stick to your goal: Most people give up on reading books because some of them find the boring book or they are not getting time. So, you should have to build a will power to read books which you have set to read.

11. Find an easy book to read: As a beginner, don’t just pickup any book and start reading. Find an easy book to read which you find good to you. Find a book or choose the books to buy in which you can picture yourself enjoying the read. It will make you habit to read book and when you end up a book then it will be easy for you to pick a harder book.

12. Don’t commit which is impossible: A book is not a commitment of few hours, you have to understand it. Make it feasible, and every time it is not an agenda to complete a book. Your main focus should be gathering the information which applies on you. So, start reading the books which will have impact on your life like how the information of the book will help you.

These are the various ways through which you can develop reading habit for life time. Using these tips will enhance the way you read before. Thus it will be a big change in your life if you follow these tips.

How to guide and teach your child to read?

How to guide and teach your child to read

Do you want to give your child the best chance to be successful in their lives? Then it is really very important to teach your child to read whether they are too young or not. Now a-days teaching to read can be start in early age even below than three years in order to make them learn the value of reading.

Parents think kids will automatically start reading when they will start their education in school or kinder gardens. However one has to understand that most of the teachings start at early stage at home. Hence parents should pay more attention as well as guide their kids to read. After the kid is born one has to start thinking about books to buy which are good for their kids and they can read them to their kids.

Here are some tips in order to teach the kids to read:

1. Start reading early: Researchers had shown that early childhood years is where a child begins to develop the neurological pathways that they use for reading for the rest of their life. So parents should start thinking about the ways to engage their children in looking at and listening to books as soon as possible. Start finding the right books to buy.

2. Synthetic phonics: Synthetic phonics is also known as the blended phonics. It is a method through which you have to first teach the sounds of the world to your child then teach them the blending of the letter and then the whole words. It will help your child to adapt leaning much easier. Sound is the best way through which one can learn more.

3. Be a good example to your child: If there is one thing about having children, it is that if you want your child to do something, you have to model it to them. It is amazing how much kids love to copy what their parents do. If you want your children to value reading then show them that you value reading and they will follow you. you can even buy cheap books online to create a library.

4. Develop Phonemic Awareness: Phonemic Awareness is the ability to hear, identify and manipulate individual sounds. Before children learn to read, they really need to become more aware of how sounds in words work. Parents can actually begin teaching phonemic awareness as young as one to two years old. It is also known as learning to hear is the secret to learning to read.

5. Ask questions: Ask questions about the story if your child is either reading to you or you are reading to your child. Make sure you ask a lot of questions during and after the story to encourage good comprehension. This will encourage your child to both read the individual words and also comprehend the wider sentence that they are reading. This is important for developing a better enjoyment of reading. It is one thing to read a letter and a word but another thing to enjoy a whole story. Hence the list of books to buy should include story books.

6. Read to your child: What better way to teach your child to love reading than to read to them. this will teach a child that reading is an enjoyable skill and is much more than just memorizing the letters or words but it is about discovering a new world of interesting things that is contained in the pages of their books.

7. Find a good reading program: Often the hardest part to teaching a child to read is, “know the way to start”. Finding a great reading program that provides you with all the tools and resources you need will give you a great head start but be careful there are some very ordinary programs out there as well. So, find the right one program for your child is really very important.

8. Rhyming: Rhyming is a great way to develop phonemic awareness as well as general enjoyment of the reading. The emphasis of word similarities can help to teach your child that words need to be read based on the letters that are in it and not based on the words shapes. This becomes a fun while learning the value of reading to your child.

9. Practice decoding: Decoding is the process of sounding out new words when decoding. Your child uses the skills developed through phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics to break down words into the individual letters and sounds that make up the word teaching your child to read by developing phonemic awareness. It produces the best long term results.

10. Have fun: Everyone wants their children to be able to read as well as to enjoy and value reading now and as well as into the future. The best way to do that is just have fun. It will be very helpful for you.

11. Make books accessible to them: Preschools love to explore just about anything they can get their hands on. Why not let them explore their books so that your child can play with the books without worrying tearing the pages. Put the books low on the book shelf so they can get to the easily. Just buy some great yet cheap books online and get on with the process.

These are the various methods through which you can teach your child to learn. Become a role model to your child, as it is really very important. It is a step guide which can help you a lot if you follow then you can easily help your young child to learn or to love reading. They will value reading books in future as well.

Travel Books To Buy and Read

Travel Books To Buy and Read

When someone asks about one’s hobby, travelling is something which is always there for most of the people. And why it shouldn’t be there. Travelling makes you explore new things, areas, places, etc. It helps one to release their stress and come close to oneself and the nature. However planning a trip is not an easy task and requires quite an effort. People buy paperback books, in order to understand the process and sometimes about the place they are going.

Here is the list of some of the epic traveling books one can read, enjoy and explore.

1. Epic drives of the world, lonely planet: Epic Drives of the world is a beautiful hardback, which show cases around fifty of the greatest road on trips on earth. This book shows the routes from classic routes of America, Europe and Australia to adventures in Africa and Asia. It is a perfect book to buy if you are a bit adventurous.

2. The writer abroad: Literacy travels from Austria to Uzbekistan by Lucinda Hawksley: There are poets, novelist and writers who write as a motivation to their travelers but some remains overlooked. The writer describes the travel to the village to world. The writer describes the journey of India, Italy, France, Australia and many more countries. It is a literacy travel book from Austria to Uzbekistan as its name says.

3. The last of the light: About Twilight, by Peter Davidson: In this book the author celebrates the nature especially when it is twilight season. He describes the decay of a day as he walk, the day disappears and dark spreads all around. He describes the nature as beautiful paintings by painters. It is a though provoking book and you can meditate hourly with this book. You can find this book on any of the online bookstore in UK.

4. The epic city: The world on the streets of Calcutta, by Kushanava Choudhury: In this book the writer portrait the city Calcutta in India. He describes that the city is same as that it was before the world starts changing. Once the city is the capital. The writer describes the city as that before the noise of hawkers and paddlers, the pavement retailers, and market as same as before noisy, the fish sellers squatted on bazaar floors. It is an unforgettable portrait of a city which is beautifully described over a period of time.

5. Land of plenty: A journey through the fields and foods of modern Britain, by Charlie Pye-Smith: The author makes a connection between the land and farmers. The author writes about “how do the Britain people get the daily bread and butter”. If we go back to our ancestors then we find our ancestors work onto land to get food. He finds a timeless connection between the land and the people. He says land provides the every food and vegetable, fruits which we need to survive. A great read and a must book to buy.

6. Where the wild winds are, by nick hunt: This book is beautifully described electrifying the path or ways of four winds across the wilds of Swiss Alps and from Croatian coast to Cumbrian Fells, across the European continent, and finally in southern France. The author describes this travel of wild winds as a motivation and inspiration in such a beautiful manner.

7. Ascent by Chris Bonington: The author describes his childhood with love to outdoors, nature and environment. As he grow up, he describes the mountains as thrill, adventures his daring climbs and all. After the death of his wife with a cruel disease, the writer starts writing about his life. He finds the love again the sadness. He wants the development the technical skills to react to higher altitudes. It is quite an intriguing book for great minds. It is available at several online bookstores in UK.

8. In search of Nice Americans, by Geoff Steward: This book is very interesting to read as the writer travels from New York City to Alaska, he meets new people every time such as a police officer, a paranoid psychiatrist and a failed actor. The writer delivers a new hope to audience whether the travel is a temporary career or a permanent career.

9. Love of country: A Hebridean journey, by Madeleine Bunting: The book is about a journey through the Hebrides, islands and exploring the history. Madeleine Bunting travel to north-west and after six years back to Hebrides exploring the beauty of the landscapes and nature. The book tells us the history of the Britain and how it is formed and what was the reason behind it. All the facts and moments are described by the author in a beautiful manner such as one would really love to read. You may love to read the history of your country with a different perspective. A perfect book to buy if you like to read about history without any dates attached.

10. Amsterdam tales: Amsterdam is a tourist place or city for which everyone has something to say about. Amsterdam is described from seventeenth to twenty first century. The Amsterdam tales describe the history, culture and customs of the city. The book is a travel book which gives a glimpse to travelers beyond any other travel guide books. The book is all about the history and current customs of the Amsterdam city.

Novels to read and books to buy

Non Fiction Book

The list of best books keep on changing every year, sometimes every month also however there are some books which are old yet always tops the charts of books to buy and read. These books are something different and teach new things every time you read. They are always found in the library of every avid reader. These books are a treasure which will stay for a thousand years and even more than that.

Trust us you will never get bored by reading them again and again. They have a quality to captivate the interest of the reader. Even when the ends come, reader wishes that there should be something more to read and adore. Sometimes readers even imagine their own tale during and after of the book.

These are the books to buy and treasure it for lifetime.

1. To kill a Mockingbird: This book is written by Harper Lee. The novel is about on a very serious issue of racial discrimination and rape but with humor which makes its very interesting to read for a reader. The book is really a heart rending book which one should read at least once in the life. The author discusses a very serious subject which is very remarkable.

2. The great Gatsby: This book is written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The story is about a millionaire Jay Gatsby and his obsession to a pretty beautiful girl Daisy Buchanan. It is unique and beautiful creation of Jay Gatsby. He write this book after attending parties with a desire to write extraordinary, simple and something new. So, he always writes a novel which is really very fascinating and a must books to buy which attracts readers to a large extent.

3. One hundred years of solitude: This book is written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The book describes many generations of Buendia family. The book describe the seven generations of Buendia family. The book explores the realism by emphasizing the common things in an interesting way such that the reader will attract towards it.

4. A Passage to India: This book is written by E. M. Forster. The story has four main characters Dr. Aziz, Mr. Cyril Fielding, Miss Adela Quested and Mrs. Moore. The writer wrote this novel after visiting multiple times in India. The book discuss the relationship between a Muslim Indian doctor whose name is Aziz with an English professor Cyril Fielding and a English school teacher whose name is Adela Quested. The book describes the colorful nature of India and beautiful landscapes of India which is a great work. It is available as a paperback book as well.

5. Invisible Man: This book is written by Ralph Ellison. The story questions some intellectual and social issues. The book is about racial discrimination faces by African Americans in twentieth century. The book is about an African American person who becomes invisible by his color. The writer describes a serious major issue which is really very remarkable.

6. Don Quixote (This book is written by Miguel de Cervantes): Don Quixote is very influential novel. This paperback book is about main character Don Quixote. Don Quixote becomes an idol character who influences others by his work of art, literature and music. The story is about Alonso Quixote who reads chivalric romances such as he own loose his sanity.

7. Beloved (This book is written by Toni Morrison): The story is inspired by the life of Margaret Garner who is an African-American slave. The story is about a slave named Sethe. She herself killed her own child because she does not want that her child will live a life of slave. It is very heart wrenching novel in which the writer describes the guilt and pain she suffer after the death of her child life.

8. Mrs. Dalloway: This paperback book is written by Virginia Woolf. This novel is about the life of Clarissa Dalloway who is a high society woman. The writer part this book in two short stories in one the writer discusses the preparation she does for a party as she is going to host the same. And the other part discuss the inter war social structure and the influence of the war to Clarissa’s life. The language used by the writer is very simple and reader will connect to the book immediately.

9. Things fall apart: This book is written by Chinua Achebe. The novel is about pre and post colonial life on Nigeria in nineteenth century. The book is split into three main parts in first part the writer discuss his personal family history and in second and third part the writer discuss about the influence of the British colonization on lgbo community. The book also shows the customs of society of lgbo and Nigeria. So, reader can comes to know about the communities and customs of those communities of Nigeria.

10. Jane Eyre: This book is written by Charlotte Bronte. The book was published in 1847. The novel is about women lives and about religion, sexuality and classism. Jane Eyre discusses her childhood to her adulthood and her love for Mr. Rochester. The writer changes the history of novel by writing this novel which is very remarkable steps done by the writer to show up the view of a woman. The writer writes this book in very expressive way so that the reader connects with the book. A must book to buy to read the beauty of a story and experiences.

Books to read in 2018

Books to read in 2018

2018 has started and that too with a bang. The year looks quite promising on numerous fronts. So here are some of the books to make your year worthwhile. These are great reads and a must have. You can buy these books from online bookstores available in UK. These books includes genre like romance, political topics, day to day life, etc.

Enjoy the read!

1. Flight season by Marie Marquardt: TJ Carvalho and Vivi Flannigan are the two main characters of the story. Both the characters of the story want to forget the moments of their love in life. Story revolves around the questions like Do they forget or not? What will happen next? The story teaches us what moments of life one should hold and how to forget the rest of the moments. The story is about a summer season which changes their life totally. It is great book to buy to learn about dealing with life experiences.

2. This will be my undoing by Morgan Jerkins: The book is about racism and related to black women. The book is all about race and gender. At that time, the writer was just at the age of early twenties and has the courage to tackle the tough and very controversial subject related to discrimination in gender and racism. The writer describes the oppression by the society to a black woman.

3. Swearing is good for you: The amazing science of bad language by Emma Byrne: Emma Byrne tells us that swearing is good for us. How swearing is used when humans started to live on the earth. It is very interesting, entertaining book to read. The writer says that swearing is for reducing the physical pain, reduce the violence and to lower the anxiety. It shows the scientific experiments and various bit of swearing history. This book will change your perspective about swearing in whole. What do you think, isn’t this the right book to buy now?

4. The financial diet: A total beginner’s guide to getting good with money by Chelsea Fagan and Lauren Ver Hage: The book is very beautifully descriptive on money. Like how one can save money throughout a month. How a woman can save, spend money and can dream about a life with best financial conditions. The book gives the tools to save money with a smarter way. The writer says that saving money is not just the money you have in your bank it is all how you save from your clothes to your food. So, if you want to save money with a smart way then this is the book to buy. It is very entertaining and informative book.

5. Heart spring Mountain by Robin Macarthur: The story is about a young woman, who returns to her hometown in search of her family secret and mother. This novel describes how a family separated due to flood and storm or natural calamities and what is the power of land to one person. The writer shows a little hope in the dark. It is very heart touching and emotional novel.

6. Everything here is beautiful by Mira T. Lee: The main characters of the story are Miranda and Lucia. The writer describes the bond between these two sisters and how elder sister sacrifices for the younger one after the death of her mother but the Lucia is very unpredictable and huge impulsive one. The story took many new turns which are very beautifully described the writer as you are watching a movie in front of you with the each page turn.

7. Neon in Daylight by Hermione Hoby: The story is about a young woman who arrived from England having two responsibilities to calls to her miserable boy friend and to cat sit with Joni Mitchell. But life wants something different from her as her life changed totally when she came to England. Read the change of events which are as exciting as they come. You can look for this book on any of the online bookstore in UK.

8. Red Clocks by Leni Zumas: It is very mysterious novel as every page of the novel open something very interesting and suspenseful. This is an imaginative novel describe the life of very different five women. It is a dramatic novel with full of energetic mysteries.

9. The milk lady of Bangalore (An Unexpected Adventure): The story describes the real true view of India. The story is about two women with their economic transaction of buying the milk each day become very complicated over the passage of time. The story is about the relations of female and their relationship with animals. It is quite a different style of writing along with a unique concept.

10. Our Lady of the Prairie by Thisbe Nissen: It is a sharp, smart and sexy novel which describes the life of a professor. It is a story about being caught in a life where questions like what you want to do and what you do arises time to time. The professor is married and found herself in love with someone else while she was teaching for a semester in Ohio. The book about the professor Phillipa who really spend her life caring for her daughter, her husband and family members. However, the circumstances change her life totally. A great book to buy and read to learn about the dilemma of a woman in such a situation.