The day of parades and presidential pardons: How it has been evolved (History of thanksgiving)!!!

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Thanksgiving, a day celebrated on every fourth Thursday of November. The day is ahead and everyone is all set to celebrate the day enjoying various delicious meals. But have you ever wondered that how it all started? Are you really curious to know the history of Thanksgiving? Have you ever thought about the beginning of this culture? If yes, then here in the article you can get to know about lot of things. These things are shared in old best-selling books in UK as well as across the world. We have summarized it for you.


Thanksgiving was started in 1621 by the Plymouth Colonials and Wampanoag Indians to celebrate their autumn harvest feast. Today, that celebration of meals is known as Thanksgiving. This day has been celebrated for more than two centuries till 1863 and then the president Abraham Lincoln declares this day as a national thanksgiving day. Till now the day has been celebrated as a thanksgiving day with some new twists and trends keep on changing with the time.

Why Pilgrims have celebrated this day in 1621?

In 1621, the religious refugees from England also called Pilgrims invited local Americans to celebrate their harvest feast. The day has been celebrated after a successful growing season as in 1620, the harvest has been failed because of the winter season. The crop has been failed in a way that the pilgrims even don’t have the proper amount of food to eat and many pilgrims die because of starvation. Thus in 1621, after a successful harvest, Pilgrims were really very happy and to show their joy and happiness, they call native local Americans on their celebration and give them a treat of their happiness.

After this, the other members of Wampanoag tribe learn how to grow the crop like corn, squash, and beans or whatever they grow at that times. It was celebrated as three days feast and at that time Turkey was clearly not in the menu. At that time it was celebrated as three days feast of lobster, deer, cod, and goose. This is how the day has been celebrated first time ever.

So, the question arises why does American eat Turkey on Thanksgiving?

After reading this, you might have a question that why Americans eat Turkey on this day. Here is the answer to your question.

There are many saying regarding this like according to a theory, the choice of turkey on this day has been inspired by the Queen Elizabeth I. She heard the news that the ship of Spanish has been sunk on the way when they were coming to attack England. At that time when she heard this news, she was having her dinner. To celebrate the thrill, she ordered goose and it was inspired by the same day.

While some other theories in other best-selling books in UK says that the wild turkeys were the native of Americans and Europeans that is why it is a natural choice to add turkey to their Thanksgiving celebration.

How the day has been called as the Thanksgiving Day?

Pilgrims celebrate their second harvest celebration in 1623. As well as at the same time it has become a common practice in other areas such as in New England. At the time of the American revolution, they designated more than one day as thanksgiving days. In 1789, George Washington issued their first thanks by the national government of the United States. The day has been celebrated as a happy conclusion of the independence war.

Then in 1817, New York City becomes the state which declares a holiday on this day. After lots of efforts done by the writer Sarah Josepha Hale, finally, Abraham Lincoln has heeded her request, he rescheduled the Thanksgiving Day on every fourth Thursday of November and till now it has been celebrated on every fourth Thursday of November.


In 1939, President Roosevelt moved the day up a week to boost the retailers at the time of the great depression. However many states have refused the shift of the holiday of Thanksgiving. Then in 1941, a bill has been passed making the thanksgiving on every fourth Thursday of November as it was before. From the time 1939 to 1941, the day has been named as Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving ancient origins

While the concept of Thanksgiving has been developed in various colonies of New England but the roots of the day has been traced back to the Atlantic. As an annual celebration of the harvest, the day of the thanksgiving had fallen on this category as well. In ancient times, Greeks and Romans feast this day because they want to give tribute to their god of the harvest.

Other than this, the day has a resemblance to Sukkot, the ancient Jewish harvest festival. Finally, it has become a tradition in America to celebrate the day with a feast and merrymaking.

This is the origin of the day and till now that day is celebrated with the same joy and excitement with some turns and twists while the origin of the day is the same. Enjoying food associated with lots of joy, happiness, and celebrations.

Some traditional dishes you need to prepare on this ultimate Thanksgiving menu!!!

Traditional Dishes

This year, you need to give thanks to all these easy to prepare Thanksgiving dinner menus. From vegan to traditional dinners, there is something really very delicious for everyone. No matter what is your tongue taste, these easy to prepare Thanksgiving dinner menus offer you everything, from start to finish guide, Mix and match recipes of desserts, appetizers and much more. With these dishes’ recipes you can become everyone’s favorite chef and the king/ Queen of the kitchen.

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Here is a list of some Thanksgiving menus:

  • Perfect mashed potato: Guests who forgo all non-veg products will love this creamy texture of your dish Beat the boiled potato with a hand mixer. Pro tip: It is better to boil the potato before 48 hours then serving. Put these into the refrigerator after boiling. Transfer these to a slow cooker before 3 to 4 hours before services for reheating and then enjoy the creamy texture of the mashed potato.
  • Best gravy of all times: How can it be a traditional Turkey dinner if there is no gravy in it? That is why this best gravy recipe of all times is perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner. You can prepare savory gravy easily and then do topping with potato to add a delicious recipe to your menu.
  • Herbed chicken with beets and Brussels: You might not believe that you can also add the herbed chicken recipe in your Thanksgiving dinner menu. A slow cooker is best to cook this dish. Save your much time by preparing other recipes and letting it in the slow cooker to cook in a good manner. You should not wait for it to cook as it will take time and this is the reason why people don’t add this dish to their Thanksgiving dinner menu.
  • Sweet Cornbread: If you are looking to add a little sweeter dish to your Thanksgiving menu then this cornbread recipe is the right choice for you. Top it with cheese and buttermilk to give a perfect texture to your dish such that you’re your guests will complement your dish.
  • Silky pumpkin pie: This is one of the most important traditional dishes to add in your Thanksgiving dinner menu, a pie. The sweetened condensed milk will give a perfect creamy texture to this dish that everyone will love to have. You can serve a vanilla desert at the end to make your Thanksgiving menu more special.
  • Fried Turkey: Fried Turkey is always a great idea to serve in any gathering then how can we forget the Thanksgiving dinner. It is always a great and casual dish for any crowd. Add this to your Thanksgiving recipes to make your dinner night extraordinary.
  • Chardonnay Glazed carrots: As you know that it will not take your whole day in preparing Thanksgiving dinner menu for your guests. In such a hard-working dish it is such a blessing to prepare a chardonnay glazed carrot dish without putting so much of efforts in it. This honey-kissed glazed carrot dish is really very easy to prepare and will add a great dish to your Thanksgiving menu.
  • Classic Roast Turkey: When it comes to traditional Thanksgiving recipes then how can one forget to add classic roast turkey recipe? This is such a delicious and gorgeous recipe. If you have non-veg guests then this juicy recipe is a must in your party.
  • Roast Turkey with Hoisin Gravy: The Hoisin gravy high glazed duck dish stuffed with sticky rice is a perfect dish to add in your Thanksgiving menu. You can also cook this dish over the stove top such that it will not overcook. Try it to cook in the slow heat to get the perfect texture of the heat.
  • Porcini chestnut stuffing: This is just a delicious dish to add to your menu. Once your guests eat one spoon of this dish they will skip all other dishes just to enjoy the deliciousness of this dish. Thus it is a must dish to add in your Thanksgiving dinner menu.
  • Gingered fruit compote: Though, various people do not add this recipe in their Thanksgiving dinner menu while it is a perfect dish to add in your menu because of the delicious and mouth-watering taste of the dish. Make this salad made with the fruits and then refrigerate it. Refrigerate it till the time when you need to serve it.
  • Pecan pie: It is always a great option to add pie to your Thanksgiving menu. Add this traditional Thanksgiving dessert to your Thanksgiving dinner menu and let your guests scooping up with the deliciousness of the dish. We ensure you that it will be a perfect dish for your Thanksgiving till now.

These are the various thanksgiving recipes which will make this Thanksgiving extra special to you. Save these Thanksgiving recipes to make your next Thanksgiving the best one as well as add some beautiful moments to your life on this extraordinary thanksgiving celebration.

Halloween Favorites for 2018- Costumes for kids


With the start of October, the spooky season has already commenced. People are flocking the Halloween shops like their life depends on it and shopkeepers are stocking the shelves with all kind of creepy stuff. From vampire teeth to monster masks, from avengers’ costumes to the good old pirate costumes, anything and everything is available for your taking. Whether you are looking for a kid or a teenager, you can definitely find a funky and fabulous outfit this Halloween season. But if you are in need of some inspiration, about what’s in and what’s not! Don’t you worry here we have compiled a list of this year’s favorites, just for you. You can’t find them in any books to read or any bestseller books. So, get ready to rock this Halloween season!

  1. The Classics

First of all, let’s show some respect to the oldest trends that are still good as new. The classic costumes like that of a vampire, witches, ghosts and zombies never go out of style. You can of course give your old costume a new twist by creating a different makeup look. But, that’s the beauty of these outfits, you can never go wrong with them! No matter how overboard you go. So kick in those creative skills and get crazy with your kids costume.

Hallo 1

  1. Glow in the dark

This is one of the newest trends of 2018 and according to us, the most amazing. Glow in the dark costumes and accessories are available on most of the websites. So if you are someone who is bored of all the old costumes and wants this season to be different from all others, then stock up on these bad boys and glow up this Halloween like literally (*wink*). If you remember then you might find them in some kid’s books to read.

Hallow 2

  1. The superheroes

With the release of epic DC and Marvel movie sequels, the superheroes and the villain’s costumes have become an instant hit among the kids. So, give your kids a chance to be their favorite superhero and roam the streets even if it’s just for a day. Costumes of Black Panther, wonder woman, Iron man, captain America all are available online, go grab yours and fulfill your kid’s desires.

Hallow 3

  1. Disney Characters

Disney movies and the best seller books are an all-time favorite of every generation. You watched them during your childhood and now your kids are watching them. Hence this is something that you both can share this season. Dress your kid as the beauty or the beast, Rapunzel or Cinderella, Elsa or Meredith and let them live a fairy-tale of their own as they go from door to door collecting candies. Seriously, what could be better than that?

Hallow 4

  1. Childhood cartoons

Whether or not we admit to watching them, cartoons are a part of all our lives. With such a huge variety of cartoons out there, though, it can be tough to pin down exactly which one to be but it’s a whole new experience watching your kid rock your childhood. Animated movies like Incredibles and Lego movies are big hits among the kids nowadays. Hence, the characters outfits are also present in many stores and if you can’t find them in your nearby stores, no worries! You can always look online!

Hallow 5

So what are you waiting for, use up the ideas here and mix your creativity to brew the recipe of an awesome Halloween costume and make this the best of all for your kids.

Some Halloween dishes to get the party startled!!!


Make this Halloween scariest, spooky and ghoulishly good with this scary selection of dishes that everyone will love to enjoy. The list is prepared from several cook books to read. Get some creepy and cute dishes which will make this Halloween unforgettable for life. Pumpkin seeds, popcorn balls, cookies, cupcakes will help you to make this Halloween unforgettable.

Here is a list of some Halloween dishes which might be disgusting or delish. Look at ones and decide on your own whether these are delish or disgusting for you. One thing is sure these dishes will make this Halloween the best, spooky and scariest one. You will love to reuse these ideas on next Halloween party to create a perfect Halloween season. Buy the paperback book, so that you will have it whenever you need to spook or prank your family and friends.

  1. Mac-o’-Lantern and Cheese Bowls: A hollow orange bell pepper filled with creamy Mac and cheese. Use some cuts to give it a scary look to your bowl.
  2. Bloody red velvet cake: Bloody red velvet cake is a perfect dish for this Halloween. If you are sweet in taste then this bloody red velvet cake is perfect for you. Use your icing technique to look it as a bloody red cake with red color icing.
  3. Spider biscuits: Spider biscuits are a perfect dish for this Halloween. Give a spooky look to your biscuits with by adding spider legs and icing eyes.
  4. Halloween cupcakes: Bake regular cupcakes for guests of your Halloween party. Use simple icing techniques to create scary faces on these cupcakes.
  5. Halloween pizzas: Create little witches and wizards using meat or veggies on top of your pizza. Add an extra layer of topping to create witches on your healthy and delicious pizza.
  6. Pastry snakes: Create pastries in shape of snakes to serve on this Halloween. Coat these pastry snakes with a variety of seeds to add various flavors to make it delicious while looking scary.
  7. Halloween toffee apples: Halloween toffee apples might not look much spooky but this is a perfect dish for this season. You can create these toffee apples by dipping it in hot chocolate.
  8. Black Magic Cake: The dark chocolate black colored cake is perfect for this Halloween. Top it with spider or mummy by using melted marshmallows.
  9. Bloody beetroot cocktails: The blood red color is a natural color which can add spookiness in your dish. Prepare blood beetroot cocktails and serve it to your guests on this Halloween. This one is going to be real scary even the paperback book reviews said that.
  10. Halloween spider pizzas: Whip up some fun and scary pizzas for this Halloween season. Create some spiders on top of these pizzas by using peppers or olives and salami.
  11. Ghoulish cupcakes: If you have sweet teeth then rush up to create ghoulish cupcakes. Use a variety of icing colors to top it with scary faces.
  12. Grasshopper cocktail: The greenish color spooky cocktail prepared using bright green color mint is the perfect dish to serve on this Halloween.
  13. Black cat cake: Chocolate cake is a perfect dish when it comes to choosing a dish favorite of everyone. Decorate this chocolate cake using black icing to create a black cat on it.
  14. Halloween nachos: Create spooky ghost shapes of nachos and serve these with sweet corn salsa. Your guests will love your efforts and creativities.
  15. Spider grilled cheese: Spider grilled cheese is a perfect option to add fun and spookiness into this Halloween party. This is an ideal dish to create festive twist in a classic kid’s meal.
  16. Stuffed mushrooms eyeballs: Mushrooms and cheese is a perfect combination for a delicious dish. Use olives, cheese and mushroom slices to add eyes to give a spooky look to this dish. This is an ideal dish for your next Halloween bash.

Feed your Halloween fun with these cute and scary dishes. Add some Halloween touch to your regular dishes to make it look spooky and scary. If you have gathered other ideas from Paperback books you have then do share them here.

Some easy Halloween decoration ideas you need for this Halloween party!!!

Halloween Books

 is such a complicated task to turn your home into a charmingly creepy Halloween destination. The silly pumpkins, color full garlands, the globins, ghosts, mummies and spellbinding banners are perfect for your Halloween party decoration to give a spooky and classic festive look. Here you will also find some ideas which you can also use in next after next Halloween parties. You can find several of these tricks in the cheap books online. And you don’t need any supernatural skills to create a set of festive tone to your home into hours.

So, here is a list of some Halloween decorative ideas which will help you to convert your home into a Halloween destination place.

  1. A Halloween tree

Trees are not just for Christmas day. Add some spooky ornaments on a tree and keep it in one corner of your home to give a complete festive look. You can find ideas of ornaments from books to read in UK as well.

  1. Ghostly lanterns

Take empty clean gallon milk jugs and draw some spooky images on those to give a cheerful and spooky look to your decorations. Fill up those with white lights to have ghostly Halloween glow.

  1. Lace pumpkin

Spray your pumpkin with white paints and then lace it with a black fabric. Try using thick lace headband to give a classic festive spooky look. You can also draw ghosts, skeletons to give spookier look to the area.

  1. Skeleton print on white candles

A skeleton print on the white candle will give a spooky display to your home. When you will light them up, this will give a great creepier effect as well.

  1. Creepy wall hangings

Use your printer to create some creepy wall hangings. Make sure that your cartridge is filled with black ink to create creatures.

  1. Halloween face pillows

Add some charm guests made with a few cuts on plain pillows. Add a spooky by keeping these aside on comfortable seats.

  1. Boo bottles

Take some bottles, spray white paint on those. Use black marker to draw faces on those bottles. You can throw in some colorful straws to give a cute centerpiece look.

  1. Spooky terrarium

Top up your table with a spooky twist of the display. Arrange pieces of wood on a wood slice. Add toy animals such as snakes, spiders, and moss on it. Use a clear glass bowl to cover it.

  1. Buried banister

Use black garlands and hang it around your staircase. Add orange lights to give a spooky glow at night.

  1. Floating witch hat

Use witch hats to light up your front porch. Use a thin thread to hang it on the roof of your outdoor.

  1. Vampire napkin rings

Make your table setting look so scary with vampire napkin rings. Splash some red color on a white cloth napkin and then use plastic vampire teeth to tie the fabric.

  1. Spider garland

Make your home scary with spider garlands which can make your guests screaming. String alternative black colored spiders on orange straws and then hang it to your wall to make your decorations look scary such that no one will question your commitment on this Halloween.

  1. Front door mummy

As said “first impression is the last impression” thus you need to give a scariest look to your front door. Use white tape paper streamers on front door and overlap these one on another to make it look spooky. Create eyes by using white and black paper. Cut white paper and add black paper on it. Glue those eyes on front door of your home.

  1. Eyes everywhere

Create lots of eyes using black and white paper. Glue it on greenery of your front door and on potted plants to make entrance classic and scary.

These are the various Halloween decoration ideas which can excite all aged people and can make this Halloween the scariest yet funny one. You can find more ideas in the cheap books online.

The fascinating History of Halloween!!!

halloween book

Halloween is celebrated with a great zeal and fun in various countries. Halloween is an annual holiday which is celebrated on 31st October every year. However, have you ever thought about the origin of the festival? Did you ever think why we celebrate the day? Well here are some fascinating stories and history of the festival in different cultures and countries. You will find several books to read which includes some things here and there. So we just collaborated everything to help you.


Samhain refers to summer’s end. Celtic people celebrate the pagan festival over 2,000 years ago. Celtic people had the belief that the dead can walk among the living at this time. This was the origin of Halloween in their culture. However, Bible says that dead are not conscious to anything. The end of summer or this day remarked as the beginning of dark and cold winter. Celtic pagans believe that the spirits of people who die in preceding year roamed on earth during this season. If it interests you then you can find cheap books online to read.

Roman intervention

When Romans conquered the majority of Celtic pagans, then they adopt two major festivals of the culture which includes Feralia and a day for Pomona honor. Feralia was the October celebration which says that it is the time to commemorate the passing of the dead. Hence are Halloween.

Christian influence

A few centuries ago, when Christian popes redesigns the Samhain festival on their own, they decide to celebrate this time to pray for the souls of all dead.  This is a somewhat closer resemblance to modern Halloween but at that time, the day was celebrated as all saints and all hallows day. This made the day 31st October as Hallows eve and later it was known as Halloween day. Different books to read says different things, however the gist is same in all.

Halloween customs origin

According to a book, at that time some Celts wear ghoulish costumes so that spirits would take them as one of them while other Celts offer sweet dishes to make them happy. They just believe that spirits will leave them alone and would not harm them. This is the origin of Halloween customs, however, Bible says that it is a false religious practice.

Finding love

In times of the 1700s, women used to perform some weird rituals on this Halloween season. They believe that it is the time when they can see their future husband image. The weirdest ritual is that they stand up in front of the mirror in a dark room to see their futuristic husband image in the mirror.

English traditions

People in old England wear scariest, ghoulish customs and prepare gifts of foods to please wandering souls during this time. This practice of wearing ghoulish costumes to exchange treats is known as “Mumming”. This is somewhat similar to today’s trick-or-treating of Halloween party.

Colonial Festivities

According to history, people on these days celebrate their harvest by exchanging ghost stories to add excitement into celebrations. They do not only swap ghost stories but also tell each other’s fortune to make their celebrations exciting and interesting. At that time these celebrations were not known as Halloween, these are known as “play parties” which are thrown to celebrate their harvest.

Americanizing Halloween

At the end of the 1800s, more communities want to have secular and safe set of rituals to celebrate the Halloween. That is why, at that time people started throwing Halloween parties which includes ghoulish costumes as well as food. There is not a single book which says all this information. However you can find several cheap books online saying a little bit of every era.

Modern Halloween

Halloween comes to the United States from the day when European Immigrants bring their ghoulish costumes with them in the United States. At this time, America flooded with new immigrants from Europe and Irish. By combining Irish and European customs and tradition, we have come with the result of “trick or treat” tradition which is the modern Halloween.

By 1950’S Trick or treat became really very popular as it becomes a national holiday event. Today Halloween has become one of the most popular festivals in the United Kingdom, United States and in many other Countries and celebrated it to the fullest.

Why one should aid in develop reading habits in their children?

Books to buy 09 oct

Ask a writer how to get better at writing, and the most probable answer you’ll get is read more, read daily i.e. practice. But reading isn’t helpful only to the writers, it also plays a crucial role in anyone’s mental development. Reading helps you to gain knowledge and broaden your area of experiences as well as learnings. There is a variety of books to buy for children, which they can practice for reading.

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”
– Joseph Addison

Reading matters even more to children. Earlier the better! Apart from broadening their knowledge, reading also instils confidence and improves their communication skills, among other things. And there’s more to it. Listed below are the reasons why you should develop reading habits in children and also, some effective ways to do it. If you don’t know how then there are some cheap books in UK which can guide you to cultivate the reading habit.

Reading exercises the brain- In short oiling of the brain

Even brains need to exercise. Use it or lose it. And reading daily can be a good exercise for the brains of every age, however if it starts in young age then its more better. It is more complicated than playing video games. Keeping the children away from the fascination of games and TV though, is difficult, but, try. Hopefully they will like reading more.

Reading improves concentration- One place at a time

When children develop an interest in reading, they spend more time understanding the stories and concentrate at one thing with ease. It needs them to sit idle and concentrate. More they do it, better will they be at developing their focus on anything. When they read, they just read. Focus and concentration is always a need in everyone’s life. “Concentration and focus is helped by reading,” is a fact which has been shared in multiple books to buy by great authors.

Reading increases the knowledge- Know as much as you can

Yes, it does. Although children’s books consist mainly of pictures, with very few words and very few bits of information enter their brain. However, through stories, children learn life lessons and about the world around them. And no one can steal it from them. Initially they will learn simple things but later it will become a habit to know more and more knowledge. If you can’t buy specialised books then there are loads of book stores which sell cheap books in UK to accommodate the need of every parent.

Reading improves communication skills- Can Talk Better

Not only knowledge, but reading also increases their vocabulary, and they learn the usage of words and sentence structures. They understand the meaning of various words and thus, use them to express themselves in a better way.

Reading develops confidence- You can Do it

With the development of vocabulary, comes the confidence of learning new words on their own. When they have the basic know-how of how words work, they can venture into the world of unknown words, yet find the meaning by themselves.

Reading makes children creative- Creativity and Imagination

Words have power. They can take you to a new world, and they have a similar effect on children. Reading makes them imagine the characters and situation and bring them to reality. They connect with the characters and try to feel how they may be feeling.

Readers achieve better results- Poaitive End Goal

With the development of their reading skills, children also can comprehend the questions well. Be it a math’s problem or any other tests they come across. They achieve better, across the curriculum. Your decision of piking any book to buy will yield positive result only.

Children get better Understanding Level- Can understand and Act accordingly

And of course, they develop their unique ways to understand various things and also, to read. Practice makes everyone perfect. If the practice starts at early age then the results are always going to be golden in future.

How to develop reading habits in children?

Well, those were some of the benefits of reading in children. But to get kids to pick a book and read it, is quite a struggle. However, having a favourable reading environment and a culture of reading at home can do the magic. Let’s check the ways to develop reading skills of children –

  • Read with them –

Spending quality time with them, reading to them and with them, is the best way to garner the interest of reading in kids. Do it right from the start, with one of the picture books they love. Let them spend time with it and read them their favourite books. There are books to buy specifically for night time reading.

  • Keep books around –

Kids are curious being. They will try anything they see around. Yes, even books. Make them available. Put them around the house, everywhere your child plays. More they come in contact with books, more will be their interest in them. For them, even turning pages is a fun activity.

  • Find moments from everyday life –

Encourage them to read everything they come across and not just books. Newspapers, brochures, magazines and even food cartons, let them read everything they want. Let them find out what interests them. You can also make them read road-signs and display boards.

  • A trip to the library –

Just like you would schedule time to go to a party, manage time to take your child to the nearby library. Surrounded by books and other children (with books) will prompt them to pick up something and read. Some libraries also host story sessions for kids, and kids will find it fun to go down there regularly.

  • Let them pick their book –

As long as it’s age-appropriate, there is no harm in letting them pick what they want to read. Have them look around and see what interests them. What if it is a science fiction novel, if they want to check it let them do it. Kids are better at reading something that they chose than something you pick them up.

And don’t panic if they keep giving you their favourite storybook to you to read. Read it to them and read again. After all, the kid found something of interest, isn’t it? And let them read it to you when they want.

  • And… read –

Yes, you too. Kids observe, and they learn from you. When they see you reading, they will want to do it too. But make them feel the excitement of reading.

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.”
– Margaret Fuller

Be their role model, read with them and encourage them to take part when you’re reading. It will make them confident to explore other things they see worth reading. And also, gift them an e-reader instead of a game controller. Introduce them to books in any way possible and as early as you can.

7 ways to improve your Communication Skills!!!

Books to Buy

While teamwork, creativity and punctuality, all are important for success, it’s the communication skills which a company looks first in the candidates at all levels. After all, studies show that 70% of the mistakes happen due to poor communication in the workplace. The way of communication tells a lot about the personality of the person and I am talking about positives only. There are several books to buy on the topic which can guide and help you.

Although we spend most of our time communicating – either verbal or non-verbal – we aren’t always successful. People tend to forget what the other said and sometimes they don’t hear it correctly. And at other times, they misunderstand even written sentences which are as plain as salt. So, having effective communication skills is a pre-requisite for a successful career in each and every industry.

“The ABC’s are Attitude, Behaviour and Communication skills.”
– Gerald Chertavian

Using email when a phone call is the need and not responding to messages also come under inefficient communication. Ambiguous communication slows down the work and thus, delays delivery. But it also has other effects like employee’s lack of interest in work and higher stress levels, a lot of authors have mentioned the fact in the best books to buy.

Communication skills are a part of you which you keep on learning throughout your life. Even if you think you know everything about it, applying them will take a few more years. And then comes the process of improving, which you have to do every day.

So, given below are a few ways to improve your communication skills. Give it a read –

Listen- You need to listen not hear!!

Yes, to communicate in the best possible manner you need to have the ability to listen. Instead of thinking what you should reply, pay attention to what they’re saying, It certainly helps. Listen to what they say and ask for clarification if you don’t understand. Confirm the last few words, in your words, a bit differently – “Do you mean to say ……….?” People love it when they know you are listening what they are saying. They feel respected, and it helps in creating happy relationships in the workplace.

Moreover, don’t multi-task when you’re communicating, it’s rude and a bad manners. If you’re talking over the phone, concentrate on it. Your boss will feel bad if he/she comes to know that you aren’t giving him/her full attention. And it can be disastrous.

Be an active listener. Listen and engage with what they’re saying, and not only hear the words from one ear. There is no book to buy which can teach you the art of listening it is something you have to do it on your own.

Watch your Body Language- Every twist and turn matters!!

Pay attention to not only what you say, but also how your body says. Facial expressions, hand gestures, body postures, and the way you sit and the way you move, tell everything about what you’re thinking and planning. These non-verbal cues say a lot more than your words. Having your arms crossed and leaning back in the chair are some of the signs which portray you are simply not interested.

A firm handshake, for example, after delivering a presentation or accepting a project shows that you’re confident of what you do. Numerous award winning authors have explained the art of body language. These are some of the cheap books in UK.

Be Brief but Clear- Sometimes Less is more!!

You’re busy with your work and so are your colleagues. Whether it’s verbal communication or written, you need to send your message across in as few words as possible in the clear manner. You don’t want to give away too much of information that’s of no use and bite back in future. Too less data is equally harmful. Provide any background information only if it’s needed, else just be at the point.

Clear and concise messages should be your aim. But provide enough information to the receiver, so that he/she doesn’t misinterpret it. Think before you speak, craft your message before speaking it out and if it is written, read it well before pressing the send button. Also, refrain from using words like “um” and “ah”. They make you look less confident.

Maintain Eye Contact- Face is better than the shoes!!

As important it is to keep a check on your body language, so is to notice what your eyes are saying. Similar to crossed arms and leg tapping, averted eyes is a negative signal. Maintaining eye contact during interviews or video calls with your colleagues, along with other non-verbal signs, makes the communication effective.

However, anyone can have a momentary slip of eye contact, so don’t be nervous and too conscious of yourself. And don’t stare.

Ask Honest Feedback- Be open and Accept!!

Asking for help when you don’t know something isn’t bad but be eager to learn. And one of the ways to do so is to seek honest feedback for the things you do at the workplace. The feedback can be from your boss, managers, colleagues and even team members. With regular feedback, you may find something which you missed in your work.

Honest, constructive feedback is one of the keys to improvement and also, shows you’re good at having proper communication. Accept compliments, seek guidance and learn from the mistakes. An anonymous author once said in his book, “Acceptance leads to the road of success with lesser bumps.” It is one of the cheap books in UK.

Know your Audience- Have Knowledge!!

When working, you come across a lot of different personalities and you should treat everyone with respect, whether they’re seniors or juniors. Moreover, be aware of who you’re communicating the message. While “hey” may work for your colleague, don’t take the risk of sending that message across to your boss.

Also, see how people respond to your message. Some feel comfortable replying to emails, others may want to communicate over text messages. Some people want to have face-to-face talking while others are a call away. You don’t want to send someone an urgent email who would prefer it over a phone call.

Smile- Doesn’t cost even a single penny!!

A simple smile has a lot of power. It’s magical and creates a good first impression. Smile – coupled with a positive attitude – helps you make strong relationships with others. Smiling often portrays you as someone who is open to talking and people will feel easy communicating with you.

And while listening to others, occasional smiles and nods encourage them to speak more to you. Smile even when you’re on the phone, the person knows it through your words. Smile creates an air of comfort among the people.

Now, those were quite some easy ways to improve communication skills, aren’t they? Practice them daily and feel the difference yourself.

Some books to explore this Halloween!!

Book Cover

Halloween is just not about trick-or-treat or costume parties or carving the pumpkin. There is a lot more to the day which most of the countries celebrate on 31st October every year. Here are some of the books which will take you down the memory lane of Halloween along with some great ideas for kids to enjoy.

From thrillers to mysteries, real ghost stories to adventures, from real crime to imaginary thrill, check out one from a list of various Halloween books. There is no any better way to get into Halloween spirit than reading a thrilling book.

So, get ready to place popcorn in a bowl, load some horror flicks in your mobile phone and have a shelf full of Halloween books. It is the time for Halloween season, make it more special than any Halloween you had celebrated in past with these Halloween books. Enjoy the creep factor, the deadly horror, the information and the facts regarding Halloween! Celebrate this Halloween as you have not celebrated yet.

Here is a list of Halloween books including best children’s Halloween books as well.

Catwoman's Halloween HeistCatwoman’s Halloween Heist, Author: Eric FeinThe book is based on superhero Batgirl named Barbara Gardon, who has been invited to the biggest Halloween party. The party was a grand party hosted by the eccentric collector of Halloween artifacts. Suddenly, the light goes out and an artifact made up of rare diamonds got stolen. Whether Batgirl will find out the thief or the story takes new took and turns by adding more characters. It is such an interesting book to read. The book can engage a kid as well as a adult in its mysterious words in just few minutes of reading.

Bansi O'Hara and the Edges of HalloweenBansi O’Hara and the Edges of Halloween, Author: John DoughertyThis book is an adventure based novel. The young heroine is back with a funny and frightening adventure. She wants to have a quiet life where she can live with peace of mind when she met with an ancient prophecy nearly made her cropper. But again she needs to face an adventure to rescue her mum who is held captive as a bride for a man named Dread. The writer plots an adventures scene which are really very interesting to read.

How to Draw Vampires, Ghosts and Other Halloween HorrorsHow to Draw Vampires, Ghosts, and Other Halloween Horrors, Author: Mark BerginThe writer discovers the world of ghosts, vampires and made it a perfect book for the Halloween season. The writer fantastically brings various characters to make it a horror novel. The writer uses a practical and visual approach to drawing. The author gives step by step instructions of drawing for art projects as well as to teach young minds about the basics of arts starting with the ghosts.

Halloween TreatsHalloween Treats, Author: Annie RiggEvery child is in love with the food, sweets and the thrilling stories of Halloween. There is nothing more interesting than throwing a Halloween party. In this book, the author describes some simple yet delicious Halloween dishes and food items which are drool worthy. The book contains the recipes of various types of cookies, cakes. The book contains simpler recipes that a kid can help you in preparing dishes. Hence here are items where you can involve your kid as well.

Mr. Tickle and the Scary HalloweenMr. Tickle and the Scary Halloween, Author: Roger HargreavesThis book allows one to get to know about some scary aspects of the Halloween in an interesting and funny way.  In this book, Mr. Tickle made a tickling plan to make this Halloween more special. The writer defines characters in a good manner and provides lots of facts regarding Halloween while having a great story reading experience. Author has made a plot to entertain while guiding about the occasion.

Peppa Pig Peppa's Halloween Sticker Activity BookPeppa Pig: Peppa’s Halloween Sticker Activity Book, Author: LadybirdIt is an activity book in which Peppa pig and his friends get ready for Halloween with costumes and pumpkins. The book is a great option to make your kid remain busy with stickers and information. The book also includes puzzles, games which will keep your kid busy in something productive while having the fun. Let your kid gather information while enjoying and playing with the stickers and games included in the book.

HalloweenHalloween, Author: Annalees LimIt contains Halloween facts and activities to celebrate this Halloween in a much interesting way. The writer offers lots of ideas on costumes, games, recipes and on crafts to make this spooky festival special. It is a perfect book if your kid is 7 plus in age and love to do craft like innovative activities. A book top entertain the complete family at a time.

Hank Zipzer The World's Greatest Underachiever and the House of Halloween HorrorsHank Zipzer: The World’s Greatest Underachiever and the House of Halloween Horrors, Author: Henry Winkler, Lin OliverA must-read book at Halloween, Hank Zipzer wants to create most scary and haunted house. He has a dog named Cheerio who gets scared easily and ran away. The book contains a hilarious adventure which is really very interesting to read.  Author has put a lot of creativity and imagination in the pages to engage the readers.

Halloween SleepwalkerHalloween Sleepwalker, Author: Thomas Freese, Fran RiddellThe author questions, Are witches, ghosts and horror creatures are real? The author plots a story where a boy who says that he is not afraid of anything. On the same night, he found himself in the neighbor’s cornfield where a bitch welcomes him. The writer plots a thrilling story but at the end questions to the reader whether it was a dream or reality?

The Halloween Activity BookThe Halloween Activity Book, Author: Lauren Farnsworth, Paul MoranLooking for something really very interesting and great to read on this Halloween? You need a quick brain and creativity to answer the puzzles and games. The book contains gruesome and ghoulish puzzles which grab the reader’s attention. The book contains games such the puzzles and stories which needs to be completed and much more. The writer illustrates the book with lots of colors and great artwork which is really very fascinating.

Stories for HalloweenStories for Halloween, Author: Edgar Allan PoeWhen the clock strikes to midnight 12, you are struggling with the sleep lying on your bed but there is striking clock, the screaming of the cat, the creak of the door and howling wind is running outside making your heart start to beat at a faster rate, you took your blanket on your head. These stories lets you go in a nightmare and makes you enter the scary world. If you love thrilling stories then this is a must read book for you on this Halloween.

A list which needs to be saved!!!


There are certain books which can’t be defined by genre rather they are something above and beautiful. The plot, language, characters, guidelines as well as the other remaining parts make it something unique and a great read. These books are the jewels which should always be there on shelves for a re-read or a share of wisdom.

Some of those hidden gems of the books are given below. None of the two book goes with the same genre but are still equally thrilling to read.

The Talent CodeThe Talent Code: Greatness isn’t born. It’s grown by Daniel Coyle: The author reveals some facts which enhance the potential of business peoples, teachers, coaches or other peoples. The facts allow one to discover one’s talent. The author answers the most appealing question “the talent code” or the secret of talent”. No matter whether you are a teacher, an engineer, a coach or someone else, this book provides you with some tools which help you to discover the potential, the talent that you have.

Politics and the English LanguagePolitics and the English Language (Penguin Modern Classics) [2013] Orwell, George“Politics and the English language” is an essay book based on “style”. The writer says that “style” does not mean your aesthetic or the way you look even it is somewhere linked with the truth and politics. The book has been written after world war-II. The writer establishes a connection between English language and politics as well as describes some political issues. The writer says that misleading language used by a politician is used to hide the unpleasant truths of the politics. The author says that political issue is a major issue and all other issues are related to the vast political issues.

The Body Keeps the ScoreThe Body Keeps the Score: Mind, Brain, and Body in the Transformation of Trauma [2015]The book is must read for those who are suffering from trauma in their lives. These days, most of the people are suffering from trauma in their lives regardless of the reason. The writer of this book will transform the way to deal with trauma. The writer describes the tools which help you to rewire your brain thus you can discover happiness, trust, self-control in your life. The books let you know the tools to reactivate brain’s neuroplasticity.

The Brothers LionheartThe Brothers Lionheart [2009] Lindgren, Astrid; Wikland, Ilon; Tate, Joan:The book contains a beautiful, sad story. Karl and Jonathan are the two main characters of this story. Jonathan is brave, handsome and strong, Karl loves his brother Jonathan than anyone else. Karl is sick and he knows that he doesn’t have much time and he is going to die. His brother usually tells him stories of a wonderful place named Nangiyala.  But one day, Jonathan met with an accident and was killed and from there the story takes a new turn. It is such an interesting heart touching story to read.

SleepSleep: Redefine Your Rest, for Success in Work, Sport and Life [2016] LITTLEHALES, NICKIn this book, Nick Littlehales redefines the meaning of the word “sleep”. The basic content of the book is based on sleep or the nature of sleeping. The writer says that most of the people don’t have quality sleep because of which they have disturbed as well as restless nights. In this book, the author shares the strategies as well as the ideas to have a quality sleep. He tells about the room temperature, type of bedding and tells almost all things which helps one to have a great quality sleep. A lot of people don’t understand the real need of sleeping properly.

McKeachie's Teaching TipsMcKeachie’s Teaching Tips [2013] McKeachie, Wilbert; Svinicki, MarillaThis handbook offers strategies which help one to understand to deal with the problems everyone faces while teaching. The book does not only include the teaching strategies but as well as the book contains the strategy to maximize learning. It is a must-read book for both students and children as it helps them to see both teaching and learning in a new way. It also contains a lot of teaching tips for the teachers to handle their students more efficiently in terms of their learning ability.

A Day to Kill: A Dewey Andreas Novel [2015] Ben CoesA Day to KillThe book is considered as one of the most exhilarating novels by Ben Coes. The story is really very interesting and well written by the author with an interesting plot. All characters are well described. The name of the main character is Dewey Andreas who is an intelligence agent. Soon, a murder of his fiancé takes place in the story and story takes lots of new turns and twists. It is such a worth reading book with a fascinating story.

When Breath Becomes AirWhen Breath Becomes Air [2017], Kalanithi PaulThe book is such a heart touching book in which the writer writes his own journey from becoming a doctor to an inoperable lung cancer patient who does not have much time to live. He share his experience about how does it feel when a person knows that he has less time to live and describe the relationship between a doctor and patient. The writer died while working on this book and leaves lots of questions for all of us. The book is a memoir given by the author to himself.

Fourth RevolutionThe Fourth Revolution: How the Info-sphere is Reshaping Human Reality [2016] Floridi, LucianoThe writer of the book asks several questions which certainly will grab the attention of the readers. The main question which the writer asks includes who we are and how do we relate to each other? And then the writer says that the developments in (ICTs) information and communication technologies have changed the answers to these basic questions. The writer also describes the latest developments in ICTs. He has given some solid arguments about how science is impacting the basic nature of the realty of humans.

The Gulag Archipelago [2003] Solzhenitsyn, AleksandrThe Gulag ArchipelagoThe book is based on thoroughly researched work by the author. He has paid attention to each and every factual in regards to the theories he is sharing. The book is based on the observation conducted on two hundred survivors as well as based on his experience of eleven years in labor camps. The writer uses his imaginative power to make the book more interesting. It is such a gripping book thus one should read this.

Capitalist RealismCapitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative? (Zero Books) [2009] Fisher, MarkThe book includes the summary and phases related to bank crisis of 2008. The book is based on capital realism and includes capitalist realism. The author uses various examples of work, fiction, educational instances in order to grab the attention of the reader, which is no doubt a well laid plot. The writer describes and analyses the features and principles of capitalist realism and discuss about the other alternatives available.