Normal Book Store and Online Book Store


When you want to buy any books from a book store, your physical presence is a must, and then you should also go through all the shelves to find the books of your choice. The whole process will consume a lot of your valuable time depending on the availability of the edition. Once you do not find the book of your choice, you need to move to the next shop. This process will physically drain you.  The same process has to be repeated in different shops depending on the availability of the book. The next negative factor is the discounts. You do not know the discount the other shops are offering unless you visit those shops yourself.

The above factors are not at all an issue when it comes to online purchase. Buying a book online is a hassle-free experience. The online book store will give a visual display of all the books and authors. They will be displayed in different categories under a different genre.

You can complete the purchase in a very short time. You can also easily find the book of your choice by browsing through various categories. Buying books online is a tension-free experience while buying from a shop is very tiresome.

Benefits of buying books online

Books Online

Buying textbooks online saves time and reduces your workload. Normally, purchasing a textbook is a very cumbersome process. The books are available in plenty during the start of the school opening and as the day’s progress availability reduces. If you are a late buyer, you may find it hard to purchase a book from a shop. Online purchases reduce this tension, by sparing some time in between your busy schedule. You can sit in the comfort of your home you can easily source the textbooks you need. They will be home delivered if you pay additional charges.

There are not many websites who sell school textbooks. Select the right website before placing the order as delivery should be made at the time of school opening. Many websites get the order and money but do not deliver books on time thereby causing a lot of problem for the students. Nevertheless, buying textbooks online is an easy job compared to the problems of buying books from the shops directly. Either you can buy from a single supplier or buy each book separately, depending on the availability.

Once you enter a store, it’s hard for you to search for the books and its price at the same time. Buying textbooks online help you to find out the prices of your desired book. There are millions of textbooks for sale online with hundreds and thousands of different websites providing delivery of the books at your doorstep. You can choose to buy these books at your home. You can also order books online and compare the prices of books on various websites. There are also a lot of websites which offer attractive discounts on the books where you can order books online as per your choice. You can even walk into your nearby stores and compare the prices that you see online to determine which option would best suit you.

How to find textbooks for sale?

Textbook Online

You should visit the school website for the books list. The school would have posted the list on its official website. The list will contain the names of the books for various subjects along with the author’s name and publication. Planning is very important for buying a textbook online. Prepare a list of the required books with the author’s name and the edition date. Edition date is very important as sometimes, the syllabus changes in a particular year. So, if you buy an old edition it might not be useful to you.

Use the search engine and start browsing for textbooks. First, start with a website which specializes in selling textbooks. These companies collect textbooks from various sources and sell them as a package, at a marginal profit. Buying books from such companies will save you time. When all the books you want are available with a single company, purchase from them and get the job done.

If all the books are not available with a single seller then you browse for various companies who deal with textbooks. Visit their websites individually and look for the books you are in need. You should individually visit every seller and collect the textbooks from them. This is a very tedious process which will take considerable time.

10 Books that you must read before you die!!!

read before you die

If you are a book lover then here is a list of books that you must read before you die. These are not just the must-read but even these can make you learn lots of things. It is always a great idea to joy the books that you are going to love. Have a look at these 10 books to enjoy your time.

VOXVOX by Christina DalcherThe book contains an unforgettable, amazing story in which a woman can do anything just to protect her daughter. The story is set in America. On one day, the government has banned to speak more than 100 words a day for women. On average, a person speaks sixteen thousand words a day. Now women can speak just 100 words a day to be heard. Soon the women will no longer behold jobs, teaching and writing will no more be for women and much changes. But to protect her daughter from this, what a mother can do is the subject of the novel.

Juror No. 3Juror No 3 by James Patterson; Nancy AllenThe murder of a woman from one of the oldest families is in the news and Ruby is the newcomer to Rosedale where the prosecutor is seeking the help of Ruby’s inexperience for swift conviction which makes the story worth reading. The client of Ruby is a football star who has returned to his home after having an injury that ends his career. She tries to find out the help in a most unexpected way which is just fabulous to read.

A Mother's LoveA Mother’s Love by Katie FlynnNo matter what, a moment comes in everyone’s life where a child has to stand on own feet. The death of the mother makes a fifteen-year-old girl face the danger of the world. Now she has to live in the world without the guidance of her mother. So what she will do? Will, she is capable to fight with the world’s problem without her mother? It is really very interesting to read.

The Ghost TreeThe Ghost Tree by Barbara ErskineHave you ever think of knowing the history of your family? If you have an interest then be aware of the secrets that you may find during this time. Ruhi has returned to her home after the end of career, marriage, and death of her father. Now she has to do one of the most daunting tasks of the world that is cleaning of the home. During cleaning, she finds a secret in a cupboard which takes a turn in the story. She also finds the letters written by her ancestors and the story took an interesting turn where she goes through a number of surprises and secrets of her family.

The Silversmith's DaughterThe Silversmith’s Daughter by Annie MurrayIn this book, a talented and impassioned young Smith wants to do something and is desperate to make her parents proud of him. She has studied in the city’s school where she becomes enough skills to become a teacher. As war tightens with her father’s rival, their jewelry quarter is thrown into anguish but now what she and her mother will do to make the business and family together.

The Salt PathThe Salt Path by Raynor WinnThe book is all about the natural healing power of nature. Rayor finds out that her husband with an age of 32 is terminally ill which makes them lose money, home and livelihood as well. in such condition, they make a decision to walk 630 miles of the sea. They don’t have any money, they just carry what it is needed for survival. with each step, it takes, their journey becomes even more memorable for life. it is a story that how one can lose livelihood and home and how they can get in the most unexpected way when there is belief.

Broken GroundBroken Ground by Val McDermidWhen Karen comes through several numbers of truths, she comes with a conclusion that not all the people have the desire to get justice and some are unaware of what justice is? The book is about a murder where no one wants to unravel a case where nothing is as quiet as it seems.

Hop Little BunniesHop Little Bunnies by Mumford, MarthaIt is an interactive book especially for children with non-stop fun. It contains bright colorful pictures of animals to make children get knowledge while turning the pages. Turn the page to see cheep with the chicks, little bunnies, and many more animals.

A Vintage SummerA Vintage Summer by Cathy BramleyIt is an amazingly written summer story packed full of turns and surprises. Lottie Allbright is not feeling good in London so she just packs up to return to her home. But she finds that her family is in need of a new place so she took a job offer of life. Then something happens that completely turns her summers and her world is upside down.

Everything I Know About LoveEverything I Know About Love by Dolly AldertonIt is a heart-breaking as well as a wildly funny book. The book is about growing older by navigating the kinds of love. It is a story where a girl struggles in her early adulthood to know what love exactly is and about the uncertainty of love.

10 best- selling books you have been meaning to read!!!

Best Selling Books

There is always that one book which we are meaning to read from a long time, but time never comes up. Well the time is here and if you are looking for the best books to read this month then here are some books to add in your reading list collection. Make some time, sit tight, pick a book and start reading with your heart out. Here you can find a perfect book for yourself regardless of your demographics, age as well as sex, from babies to old age people.

Don’t wait and take a look at these books.

Wild FireWild Fire by Ann CleevesArchitect Daniel and designer Helena move into a remote country to give a new journey to their and their children’s lives.  But soon, a nanny’s body is found hanging on their home’s backyard and the news spread all around like fire. An inspector is called for inspection and uncovering the truth behind it. The book is about families long hidden lies and on fractured relationships.

That's Not My ChickThat’s Not My Chick by Watt, FionaThe book offers touch feel which is loved by babies and toddlers. With each page turn, the toddler tries to find out their chicks by touching the patches of the book. The texture to stroke and the bright pictures makes it a perfect book for babies to learn things.

Bad DadBad Dad by Walliams, DavidThe book contains the story of a dad and his son. In this book, a son named Frank tries to break his father from prison who was imprisoned to drive gateway care in a bank robbery. It is a story of the daring plans that the son makes to put the money back. Would he get success in his plans or something else happens? It is such an interesting book to read.

The Book You Wish Your Parents Had ReadThe Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read by Philippa PerryThe book is all about our connections with our child and how we can improve our connection with them. Still, in many families, the relationships between parents and children go wrong and this book can enhance these relationships. There are no parents who do not love their children, but this book can bring a new journey to your life with your children.

Listening to the AnimalsListening to the Animals by Noel FitzpatrickThis book is all about a child who grew up on farming land, spend his childhood in tractors, cattle, and sheep. It is a story of love, hope, and compassion which is not just inspiring but as well as heart-warming where a kid who used to bully in school becomes the Supervet one day. The book also defines to rejoice the bond between humans and animals to make us the best of us.

BecomingBecoming by Michelle ObamaMichelle Obama has emerged as one of the most iconic women of the era. In this book, she is welcoming the readers to her life journey where she undergoes through many experiences that shaped her into the one which she is today. She shared her experiences from her childhood on South Chicago to balance between motherhood and work to her time which she spends at the most famous address “White house”. She tells her life’s story in her own words making it interesting for readers.

The CastThe Cast by Danielle SteelThe book is about the journey of hiring an unforgettable cast as she launches her first television series to bring dramatic saga on screen. Kait Whittier has found huge respect with her magazine column. She creates a balance between her work life and family life. The cast becomes the second family for Kait. The book is all about the strength of women among families and society.

The Wonky DonkeyThe Wonky Donkey by Smith, CraigThe Wonky Donkey is a children’s book for all the children who love to listen to music. Listen to the song and try to find out the new words with the help of the clues given there. It is a cumulative, funny song where each page of the book tells about something new. This is a perfect book to learn new things for children while enjoying the song of the book.

A Country EscapeA Country Escape by Katie FfordeThe book is about Fran who wants to become a farmer and now the time has come when she can become the farmer. She moved into the farms of an aunt who told her that farms are her for a year. But the thing is that however, Fran wanted to be a farmer but she doesn’t know anything about the skills of farming and even she is afraid of cows and all. Then she took advice from her friend who has his own reason for being so supportive of her. This makes the story really very interesting to read.

The Cutting EdgeThe Cutting Edge by Jeffery DeaverSachs and Lincoln return to New York City to confront a killer. In the start of the book, a brutal triple murder shocks the whole city in the morning. But the killer left behind million dollars of gems. The motive of the killer is just to target the newly engaged couples which make the story interesting. Both Sachs and Lincoln try to uncover the story behind it.

Top 10 must-read books for this Summer!!!

Summer Books

Looking for funny, moody, sporty, scary books to read this summer? If yes, this is the right list to get the right collection of summer books. Take your pick from the pool of these different genres of books. They are among the best- selling books in the country and are appreciated by almost all the critiques as well.

Improve your upcoming month with these books and learn some new things this summer.

TwistedTwisted by Steve CavanaghTwisted as the name suggests is one of the most twisted books you might have read before. With each page-turn, it contains shocking and surprising risks. The book is a rollercoaster of thrills and suspense. If you love to read crime novels then this is a must read a book for you with lots of imaginative turns and twists.

The Boy At the Back of the ClassThe Boy At the Back of the Class by Onjali Q. RaufThe book is based on the view of the child in the refugee crisis. The book highlights the importance of kindness and friendship into the world. There was a child named Ahmet used to sit on the last chair in the class. He was a strange kid who never talks in the class nor does he loves to eat as other kids do. However, he was not that strange. The way the writer has described the perspective of a kid is amazing and make the book a great book to add in your reading list this month.

King of KingsKing of Kings by Wilbur Smith & Imogen RobertsonThe book contains an epic story of love, war, and betrayal which is really very interesting to read. A beautiful love story where both the boy and girl are strolling hand in hand without knowing the future. but soon Penrod (the girl) starts doubting on his character makes him leave. He traveled to wilds of Abyssinia with his sister and her husband. With lots of interesting characters and with a great story, it is a perfect book to read.

One Summer In ParisOne Summer in Paris by Sarah MorganThe book is packed full of love, heartbreak, hope, and loss. The story highlights the power of love and friendship. The writer makes it even more interesting when the ending becomes the beginning of the story. In this story, a couple celebrates their 25th wedding anniversary. Grace plans to surprise his husband with a romantic trip to Paris but she gets a surprise from him that he wants to get a divorce from her. She takes a bold decision and visits Paris alone where the story takes an interesting turn.

Now You See HerNow You See Her by Heidi PerksThe worst nightmare that parents can have is the disappearance of their child but it becomes even worst when it is someone’s else’s child. The story begins where Charlotte is looking after her friend’s daughter who gets disappeared. It makes Charlotte think whether she should tell her friend that her only daughter who was meant to look after by me is missing.

The Missing SisterThe Missing Sister by Dinah JefferiesBelle Hatton is ready to live an exciting life far from her home while doing a fascinating and glamorous job. She is working as a nightclub singer in the 1930’s. but suddenly she is haunted by a mystery where a newspaper finds some belongings of the death of her parents. She finds about her sister which she never knew that she had. Her life gets a new turn and she just decided to uncover the truth.

Playfair Cricket Annual 2019Playfair Cricket Annual 2019 by Ian MarshallThis summer, this is a perfect book to read if you are a cricket fan. An exposure from cricket world cup to ashes series, comprehensive test matches to test records and much more, Country cricket is uncovered with the lives of the players to start the session of this summer. Prepare yourself for all the events happening in summer.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineEleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail HoneymanThe writing way of the author is incredible. The book is based on the connection between humans and their friendship. In this book, Eleanor struggles to have social skills that are required to express what she thinking. But soon everything gets changed when she met with a deeply unhygienic IT guy.

The Last Thing She Told MeThe Last Thing She Told Me by Linda GreenEven the secrets that have been buried years ago find a place to get leaked. Nicola’s grandmother whispers at the time of death that there are babies in the garden which brings a mystery and suspense in the book. However, Nicola’s mother considers this nonsense but one day Nicola find a bone in the garden while playing. She decided to uncover the mystery of her family and the real truth.

The Rising SeaThe Rising Sea by Clive CusslerIs the rising water level the beginning of peril? The glacier melt is the reason behind the rising water level.  The NUMA team is looking for the answers to this question. While finding an answer, they will meet with something imaginary and innovative makes the book worth reading.

The 10 most popular Fiction books you will enjoy reading this year!!!

Fiction Book

Every year a list of most popular reads as well as the best selling books of the year comes in the market. This year’s most popular books’ list is a mix of several genres. From fiction to fantasy to crime, it has books of several flavor and style. From eagerly-awaited sequels to the new books, here is a list of the books that you should add in your reading list this year for sure.

CirceCirce by Madeline MillerA home where Helios and god of the sun lives, a daughter born who is not as powerful as her father and not as beautiful and alluring as her mother is. Then she discovers that she also possesses the power through which she is able to transform the rivals into monsters. Then the story took a turn and to hold her powers, she has to decide whether she belongs to the gods she has born from or from mortals she has come to love with. The characters and the interesting story with page-turning suspense make it a worthy read book for all the readers.

Still MeStill Me by Jojo MoyesA girl arrives in New York City to start a new journey of life with confidence that she can keep her relationship alive with her boyfriend who is now thousands of miles apart from her.  Now she starts living in the high society of New York City. She just wanted to get out the most from her this unique journey. She just put herself in work and gave her 100 percent. Still, at last, she becomes able to find out the answer that who actually she is and what she wants makes it a perfect romantic, poignant novel to read.

The Killing HabitThe Killing Habit by Mark BillinghamFrom one of the best crime novel writers, the book has become one of the best-selling book this year. The book is based on a dramatic real story which makes it more interesting to read. The straight lace DI Nicola Tanner and Tom Thorne handles a case that contains something unexpected with each page turn. They do everything possible just to find out the two different killers.

This is Going to HurtThis is Going to Hurt by Adam KayThe book contains both the painful and fun moments making it a perfect book for all readers. The book is on the life of a junior doctor and his experiences. the memorable patients, dedication to work and the awkward situations at work are well described by the writer. The book will make you laugh, cringe, appreciation for your doctor and much more.

First Man InFirst Man In by Ant MiddletonThere is no one in the entire world who is born a leader but with life challenges and sheer determination, the writer has come to know the real meaning of the leadership and the work towards it. The writer describes the difficulties in the training of the special forces, the strict rules that you have to follow even when you are bleeding or broken. The book offers daily lives from the passing of military selection process to early death of father and much more and at last ending up the life in prison leaving the job at the military.

The Secret BarristerThe Secret Barrister by The Secret BarristerThe book is based on an eye-opening theme which is hilarious. Welcome to the world of a barrister, the job that requires the skills of a relationship counselor, coffee-supplier, surrogate parent, named driver and much more. The writer asks, how you can defend yourself when you find guilty and sentenced to jail for 10 years.  The writer just wants to tell you the reality.

AmbushAmbush by James Patterson & James O. BornThe book contains the story of the New York Cop. The writer wants to say that the life of a cop is not only at the risk. A series of murders has made everyone’s life in danger. Now the investigators try to find out the killer behind the murders. This thrilling story will let you know how the investigator unfolds the killer’s logic.

The Burning ChambersThe Burning Chambers by Kate Mosse  The book contains an amazing story where a nineteen-year-old girl finds a letter at her father’s shop which contains only five words and that was “she knows that you live”. The story took new twist and turn makes it a thrilling adventure story yet heart touching.

We're Going on an Egg HuntWe’re Going on an Egg Hunt by Laura HughesIt is a perfect book for children to enjoy and to enhance their reading skills. It is a read-aloud story that makes the springtime perfect. Discuss the way to find eggs with your child and make these holidays not just enjoyable but as well as knowledgeable for your child.

The Librarian of AuschwitzThe Librarian of Auschwitz by Antonio IturbeThe book is based on the real-life story of an Auschwitz prisoner. It is the story of a girl and for her love for books, she keeps her life on risk just to keep the magic of the book alive. She is a prisoner in Auschwitz. Along with her father and mother, she is adjusting to living in terror that usually does there, the love of the book makes her librarian at Auschwitz.

Top 10 best selling books in the UK for 2019!!!

Top 10 best selling books in the UK for 2019!!!

Are you looking for the 10 best-selling books in the UK for 2019? If yes, then here is the list for you with what is you are going to find in the books. No matter whether you are a writer and looking a book to enhance your writing skills or whether you are a reader and just enjoying reading books, this list of books will complete all your needs regarding your reading urge. There are no specific genre limitations or restrictions in the list, it is what people loved no matter of the genre, style or author. Best sellers are never made on any parameter rather than a good content to read.

Have a look at the 10 best-selling books in the UK.

Hinch Yourself HappyHinch yourself Happy by Mrs. HinchMrs. Hinch has brought the storm all around with her innovative ideas, tips, and tricks of cleaning. By reading this book, you can transform your life and your home magically that you have not to think before. If you are looking for ideas to transform your house into a home, your home into a sparkling clean home then this book is the right choice for you.

Pinch of NomPinch of Nom by Kay Featherstone & Kate AllinsonThis book is equipped with 100 incredible home-style recipes, out of which 33 are vegetarian, these recipes are full with flavor, taste, nutrients and not just that, these are really very easy to cook. If you are a home-cook then this book is perfect for you to prepare some mouth- watering and enjoyable dishes at your home.

Past Tense (Jack Reacher 23)Past Tense: (Jack Reacher 23) by Lee ChildIn this book, Jack Reacher plans to follow the sun on a road Maine to California. On his trip, he saw a sign where his father was born. Suddenly, a car with a couple who are on their way to New York breaks down. When Reacher asked about his father, no one even know the name of his father and the thrilling story consisting of two different stories begins.

Nine Perfect StrangersNine perfect strangers by Liana MoriartyIn this novel, nine perfect strangers gather in a health resort and those 10 days of their resort will change their life completely. Some of them come here to relax, some for meditation, some for to lose weight and to enjoy the luxurious time there but the reality comes out to be completely different that no one has imagined before.

FingFing by Walliams and DavidIt is a great drafted story of a child who has almost everything but still, the one is not happy with what she has and just want to have more. Mr. and Mrs. Meek do everything that can make their daughter happy. Then Myrtle says that all she needs is a Fing, her parents go in search for a Fing from books called Monsterpedia to the internet and everywhere in search for Fing to make their daughter feel happy.

The Moon SisterThe Moon Sister by Lucinda RileyIf you are history geek then this is a perfect novel for you to read. It is the fifth story of the seven- sister series by Lucinda Riley. In this novel, a billionaire adopted daughter follows her instinct and does a job in Scotland which she loves to do. In this novel, the writer uses its imaginative power to create a story of two women searching for their real happiness and destinies which makes it really very interesting to read.

TranscriptionTranscription by Kate Atkinson The novel contains unexpected twists and turns to make it really very interesting to read. The book is based on the historical story with great twists and even humor is there in the book. It is a dramatic story of espionage, loyalty, and betrayal. The writer uses both the good and bad of the world and creates a story which is completely believable.

The Tattooist of AuschwitzThe Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris This novel is based on a real-life story. This book is based on real conversations with Lale Sokolov before his death. In the start of the novel, Lale Sokolov is a well-dressed man who has been imprisoned in 1942 where the task of tattooing ID is given to him. Then he falls in love with the beauty of a girl at first glance where the story takes a new turn.

Mary Berry's Quick CookingMary Berry’s Quick Cooking by Mary BerryBecause of our busy schedule, it has become difficult and daunting to prepare food. In this book, a lot of dishes have been assembled which are easier to cook and takes almost 30 minutes preparing. These are much satisfying than that of the traditional dishes. If you are a home-cook then this is a perfect book for you to buy.

BISH BASH BOSH!BISH BASH BOSH by Henry Firth & Lan TheasbyDo you want something that can add more veg to your diet? If yes, this plant-based cookbook is a perfect choice for you. This book has brought a revolution in the world of cooking based on plants. In this book, you will find a lot of dishes eaten across the world, from show-stopping feasts to weeknight suppers using plants. If you want to have versatility in your vegan food, then this is a must-read book for you.

Best Eco-fiction books that you must read to save the world!!!

Eco-fiction books

Eco based books are books that explicitly assess the impact on nature by humans. When we say it is an eco-fictional book then the things become more interesting. Eco fictional books are full of fictional stories that are based on environmental observations which make them really very interesting to read.

Up to certain level it is the duty of human beings to understand and take care of the ecosystem if they wish to have a better future and life. Ecosystem and human life are connected to each other at a very deep level, explaining the mystery. When this genre comes in the fictional section then few heads will certainly turn.

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Environmental fiction books are set in the present makes them better than eco non-fictional books based on the future of our environment talking about what-ifs. So, let us have a look at the best eco-fiction books that everyone should read at least once in their life- time. Remember that we don’t just have to read these books, we have to provide ecosystem services to our nature to live a happy and better life in the future.

  1. Strange As This Weather Has Been by Ann Pancake: It is the debut novel of Ann Pancake. This book contains a story of the coal mining family. Place plays an important role in this novel where a couple with their four children lives. The writer of the book writes with stunning authenticity and asks questions with a simplicity that are really very important to save our environment. The story focuses on a 15-year-old kid named Bant and her mother. The writer describes the life of the family living there who do not want to leave their place no matter what the situation is even when their lungs flood with the black water.
  1. We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler: The story is all about the Cooke family. Meet Rosemary Cooke, who once does not stop talking in her childhood but now she had started her college and the time has changed and now she remains silent. Even though she has a sister, a brother but does not tell anybody about her sister Fern. However, she finds herself lonely because she has lost her sister Fern. She always remembers her sister but prefers not to talk about her. The story tells the incredible bond that can amaze you. Fern was gone when Rosemary was just 6 years in age and till now she has managed to delete lots of memories of her. The writer strips off the protective mask and the hidden truths which makes the story worth reading.
  1. The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey: This is the book which we have to list it in must-read books when it comes to the eco-fiction. It is the most famous book by Edward Abbey when it comes to fiction works of Edward Abbey. This novel has been published in 1975. It is an adventurous, comic and a fascinating novel that everyone should read. It is a protective novel that focuses on the preservation of nature. Although some readers say that it is just a comic book.  The book contains the story of Ex-Green Beret George Hayduke who has returned from war and finding his beloved who has been threatened as per the industrial development. He is ready to fight against the destruction of natural resources.
  1. The Jungle by Upton Sinclair: As animal rights and human rights are so closely related to each other, so as the environment is so close. This is a perfect book that comes under the category of eco-fiction books. There are a few industries which are not just abusive to the environment but as well as to the humans and workers who are working in slaughterhouses and in these abusive industries. The writer portrays the harm conditions of such kind of industries. His prime purpose is to describe the working conditions and socialism of the meat industry. He describes the unsanitary conditions of such workplaces. This is an informative book which describes the real truth of such industries which makes it really very interesting to read.
  1. Flight Behavior, Barbara Kingsolver

The book is a perfect blend of science and story which makes it a perfect book to read for all. The book has been published in 2012. This book has also been regarded as the “Best book of the year” by the USA today. It is such a stunning and unforgettable work by the author. The story describes the lives of a young wife and mother living in the failing farms. The author shares the experiences of the women which are something that can’t be described in just words. It is the most thrilling novel till today’s date when it comes to the environmental-fiction books.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Reading eco-fictional books is not just great to get knowledge but as well as to have awareness regarding our environment. These books had been written based on the current scenario and past observations which make it even more important to read by everyone. As a reader, you will have the same hope as the authors have for your planet and this makes you ready to offer eco-system services to our planet as well.

Some interesting genetic engineering science fiction books to read!!!

genetic engineering science fiction

You to read it right, there are fiction books on engineering as well. These are one of the most-finest fiction books in this category which you will certainly enjoy if you follow or understands engineering. Genetic engineering is the engineering which can change the world into a complete different unrecognizable way.

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Let us discuss some interesting engineering books that you will enjoy reading.

  • A door into ocean by Joan Slonczewski (1986): It is a feminist science fiction novel written by Joan Slonczewski. The book contains a world of a woman named sharers on a distant moon. That world is highly advanced in biological science. These sharers are reproduced by Parthenogenesis as there are no males in their world.
  • Beggars in Spain by Nancy Kress (1991): This engineering book is all about the ability to stay awake all the time which makes her more productive. Sleepless also has higher IQ level which makes them immortal. The writer asks us “Are they the future of humanity?”
  • Accelerando by Charles Stross (2005): The book contains a series of interconnected stories which are really very interesting to read. The writer follows the adventures of the three generations, the past one (before technology), the present one and the future one. The writer also questions that artificial intelligence is more superiors to us. So, what will the future of human intelligence?
  • Never let me go by Kazuo Ishiguro (2005): Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy lived at Hailsham as a student in a boarding school where the teachers make them know how special they are and how their wellbeing can be a change to the world. The book includes some beautiful moments that three of the experiences in their past. Now Kathy is 30 years old and Ruth and Tommy have also entered in their lives.
  • The Atlantis Gene by A.G. Riddle (2013): The book is about a mysterious structure that has been buried in Antarctica. This can’t be created by humans in any way. The writer writes in a very interesting way that makes you think that what it is and what it means. It definitely falls under the most interesting engineering books section of all time.
  • Seeker by Douglas E. Richards (2018): A breathtaking thriller book written by the bestselling author, the book is all about an alien with extraordinary secrets if revolutionary technology. It is a roller coaster ride of thrill that will amaze you with its imaginary world.
  • Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton (1990): Jurassic Park is one of the best science fiction novels. However, originally the story has been described by the point of view of a child but the author has changed it later to make it interesting for all of us to read. The story starts with a child who tries to recreate dinosaurs but the author realized that genetic experiments are highly expensive and there is no need to recreate dinosaurs.
  • Falling Free by Lois McMaster Bujold (1988): Falling free is a part of the Vorkosigan Saga. If you are a huge fan of Vorkosigan Saga then start reading this book, you will enjoy this engineering book. Leo Graf, an effective engineer decided to teach a thousand quaddies to be free.
  • Startide Rising by David Brin (1983): The book has won the Best Novel title in both Hugo and Nebula Awards. It is the second uplift novel among six but most of the people say that you can start with this one and can skip the first one. The book is about the future universe in which there are no species which can reach sentience without uplifted. The biggest question is that who has uplifted humankind makes it very interesting.
  • Dawn by Octavia E. Butler (1987): Lilith Lyapo has lost her family at the last stage of the war. Lilith Lyapo awakes after centuries to find herself on Oankali’s vast spaceship. There are creatures which can heal this planet from all difficulties, can cure cancer and Lilith can get her loved ones back but for a price.
  • Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood (2003): However, the writer of the book does not consider it is a science fiction novel because the novel is not about the things that have not happened yet or that can be done in the future. The novel is an adventure romance novel which includes genetic engineering as well.
  • The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi (2009): It is a debut novel by Paolo Bacigalupi. The story starts with Anderson and his search for foodstuff in Bangkok where he encounters Emiko. Emiko is a windup girl who is not a human but a beautiful creature which has been programmed to satisfy whims of a businessman.
  • Seveneves by Neal Stephenson (2015): The story is about the desperate efforts to make the survival of humanity far beyond. The book also includes the challenges and difficulties faced because of human nature.
  • Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan (2002): The story starts four hundred years ago when a rich man died unexpectedly. Now when his carbon copy is animated and now Takeshi Kovacs has consciousness of his life and tries to find out the reason.  The book is about downloading consciousness in a body using expensive technology.
  • Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (1932): The book is really very interesting in which the author says that a child has been programmed to live in this world in a mother’s womb. The writer imagines a genetically engineered future with no pains.