Reading books unintentionally help you build positive habits!!!

Reading books

“Books are the best training for your mind”.

Take some to keep your mind quite by reading, this will help you build some positive habits unintentionally that will help you in all aspects of your life later. Through books, we can gain wisdom by thousands. You can get knowledge of thousands of authors. Not just that, whenever you read, you get to spend some time meditating to become a wise person. However, books are the most under-appreciated technology present in this world.

Even history proves that how books are valuable. The worst person present in history tries to damage and destroy book while on the other hand, the good persons encourage books.

Have a look at positive habits that reading books bring in you unintentionally!!!

  1. It upgrades your mental operating system naturally

Yes, reading books helps you to upgrade your mental OS. However, there are many people who don’t upgrade their mental OS. The best books present in the world are written by the author in their flow state. These are not just interesting to read but as well as one can keep themselves updated with lots of information present in these books.

An author transmits their muse, insight, and wisdom through their book writings. One can get all such valuable information with these books. Reading for a time span will program your mind and will make you feel upgraded. Our main applications such as communicating, writing and speaking will upgrade through reading.

  1. You will acquire a habit to sit quietly alone in a room

Yes “An idle person is in bad company with himself”. But it could become good after a little hard work. Reading books allow you to continually improve yourself. You can have a good company with yourself. You will acquire a habit of sitting alone in a room.

  1. It will help you to build the habit of meditation

The more we read books, the more you can concentrate. Books help in enhancing your focus span, therefore, you can meditate better. Reading will be helpful in enhancing patience and calmness level.

  1. It will help you to acquire the habit of having a positive attitude towards life challenges

Reading helps you to upgrade your mind. The knowledge that you will acquire by reading books will work. It builds up like compound interest. At any point in life, you can use your knowledge. The people who read more books are able to live a better life, they have a positive attitude towards life and can face challenges in a better way as compared to those who do not read books.

Considering all these facts, it is very important to have a habit of reading. Don’t worry if you are low in budget, buy books online and get at affordable price. There is no technology present in this world that can change our life but if we try, we can change our life with the best technology present in the world named books. When we buy the perfect book, it can change our lives for good.

Bad reading habits: Tips to fix these!!!

Bad Reading habits

Although reading is an essential habit to grow in life if you have bad reading habits then it can make you lose your valuable time. But overcoming these bad habits is such a challenging task for all of us.

So, do you want to enhance your reading speed?

To enhance your reading speed to save your time, you have to find out the hindrance that degrades your reading speed. Once you are able to discover the hindrances then try to eliminate these hindrances.

Here you will get tips and tricks to fix all these bad reading habits.

  1. Reading in the poor light: It is one of the bad reading habits that would not only degrade your reading speed but as well as affect your eyes. Like you are not able to navigate a dark street without proper street lighting, in the same way, it is very difficult to read a book without good lighting. Only a missed punctuation can make you misunderstood what the writer wants to express. Lighting will be helpful to read stuff clearly as well as enhances reading speed.
  1. Reading in the poor posture: If you have a habit to read books while lying on the bed, it will decrease the speed. The best posture for reading is to sit straight-backed on a chair and held the book below the eyes at 60 degrees of angle from your eyes. It is recommended you to keep the book 25 inches away from your eyes. This is the best posture that would not only enhance your reading speed but as well as you can remain in this position for a longer time, therefore, you can read longer. The wrong posture would not only strain your eyes but as well as it also affects other parts of the body.
  1. Reading the end before: Most of the people have a habit to read the ending before starting a book. If you are reading a thrilling book with lots of suspense, then you might miss out the experience of unraveling the history with each page turn. If you know the mystery before like if you know the killer, then reading a book remains just reading an academic book. Break this habit now, the best way to break this habit is to predict the killer on every turn and twist and at the end, you will get to know the real killer, this does not only enhance your reading speed but as well as make reading more interesting.

Conclusion: People who enjoy reading find it easy to read fluently and genuinely but on the other if you are the one who does not enjoy reading then this will degrade your reading speed, this kind of people find it a huge hassle to read. So, the best way to enhance your reading speed is to buy the best books that make the reading interesting for you. Have a look at the online bookstore to find out the huge number of book collection and choose the perfect book of your choice to make your reading interesting.

4 Reading techniques that you need to know!!!

Online Books

There are numerous numbers of reading techniques are available out there and all the students should be aware of these reading techniques and when these techniques should be used. It is indeed important to train students about the reading techniques and how to use them in the best way. So, whenever time constraint comes into play, they can use these techniques and can read faster.

  1. Scanning: This is the most preferred technique that is used by almost all people. Scanning is the process in which an individual has to look only at the keywords and other more important information containing in the book. Find out the objective of the reading and the type of material that needs to be scanned. Like phonebooks, emails have the perfect layouts that are very easy to scan. But it is tricky to scan books such as novels.

 When you have to scan contents

  • While checking your inbox and emails
  • Human eyes are great in spotting pattern so at grocery scan while buying items, you can do a fast scan on the materials.
  1. Skimming:  Skimming involves reading more in a lesser span of time. In this, first of all, you can get the main idea behind the material. This is the best method for non-fictional works. Check the main idea of the content before skimming. Skimming crucial materials such as novels, contracts should not be read with this method.

Skim content when

  • You want to read reviews given by the people.
  • If you need to offer a presentation within an hour then skimming is the best technique to know the details of the presentation.
  • Skimming is a great way to rewrite a popular blog especially when you have to cover the basics of the content.

In any case, when you want to get lots of information in the shortest time span then skimming is the best option.

  1. Extensive reading: Extensive reading is the reading technique when you read for your enjoyment and pleasure. In this technique, you can read the content at your own pace. This is a great strategy to read all kind of fictional books. This is not only a great way to enhance your writing but as well as it improves your writing and vocabulary.


You will have to independence to read the books of your choice. Therefore, have a look at books online and choose the perfect book that you will enjoy reading.

General knowledge

This will enhance your knowledge that you will feel free to discover new things on a daily basis.

  1. Intensive reading: In this technique, you have to be clear in your mind what is the objective of the reading? However, this technique is time-consuming as compared to scanning and skimming.

When you have to read events that are in chronological order, intensive reading is an ideal option, Check online bookstore to find such books online to practice intensive reading.

These are the four reading techniques that you should use to practice reading in a lesser span of time to get higher knowledge.

The Moon Sister by Lucinda Riley

Online Books

Lucinda Riley’s unique storytelling has yet again accomplished to create a space in the hearts of her readers. The Moon Sister is one other chapter to the addictive The Seven Sister series, drives you to the war backdrop of Scottish Highlands and Madrid.

With healing abilities, Tiggy was doing absolutely fine with animals in a deer sanctuary, until one day. She had to take a job of a wildlife consultant at the isolated estate of troubled Charlie Kinnaird, because the sanctuary was forcibly closed. Someone she met who changed the course of her life, told her of her past, her abilities and her home- her actual home.

Was she able to process so much of information well? Will she track the place this man is revealing about? Or will she trust her instincts? Didn’t she already have sixth-sense to guide her? All this and more in the novel edition of “The Moon Sister” by Lucinda Riley (New York Best-Selling Author).

Check out some of these amazing reviews, that would prove this novel worthy of your time.

“[A] beautifully written series… A magical adventure.”, reviews Woman’s World Magazine

Lancashire Evening Post quotes, “A breathtaking adventure brimming with cruelty, tragedy, passion, obsession and, most of all, the music, rhythm and spirit of Spain’s gitano community… There is a real fire to this exciting new chapter in the captivating Seven Sisters odyssey, an extraordinary sense of drawing inexorably nearer to solving the intriguing conundrum of Pa Salt’s death and the tantalising mystery of the missing sister.”

“Riley’s meticulous research and attention to detail immerse readers in historical background, bringing Tiggy and her Spanish birth family to life. Fans of Kristin Hannah, Kate Morton, and Riley’s previous novels will adore this anticipated series continuation.”, reviews Booklist

“A heartfelt, powerful, and spiritual saga. I don’t know how she infuses her characters with so much humanity, passion, warmth and love, keeps the plot moving and brings the past alive so profoundly, but she does so beautifully. If you’ve ever wondered if writers are magicians, just read one of Lucinda Riley’s novels and you’ll have the answer.”, by M.J. Rose, New York Times bestselling author

Library Journal reviews The Moon Sister as, “In each of her series novels, Riley draws magnetic and strong women, polar opposites in personality but all of them fearless and determined. This entry will delight followers of Riley’s series, but also appeal to new readers.”

The Good Fight by Danielle Steel

Books Online (2)

Set in American 1960s era, “The Good Fight” is the glimpse of rising political, social and professional uprising against general stereotypes. The story beautifully knits around a strong and independent character known by the name of ‘Meredith McKenzie’. Spent her childhood in Germany, she belongs to the family of lawyers, which gives ground to much of her childhood aspirations of becoming one, much unlikely of women of those times.

Understanding the social injustice that prevails, she determines to be cause of social changes around. She becomes a lawyer to take up bro bono cases of victims of injustice and discriminations. She took up those fights which were worth listening and reading to, in real sense a good fight against social norms of the era.

This books also unravels the thought process of progressive men, who knew that the generation of the time was going to be revolutionary and gender unbiased. The biggest example to support this fact was her grandfather’s conversation while on a walk:

 “Can girls be lawyers, Grampa?” she asked after she thought about it for a few minutes.

“Yes they can”, he said firmly, taking advantage of the fact that they were alone. 

“Maybe I’ll be a lawyer too, ” Meredith said pensively, “or a doctor, or a nurse.”

“You can do whatever you want, ” he said, as they held hands, crossed Fifth Avenue, and headed home. 

Covering some major historical events, like assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy and inauguration of JFK, this book has covered pivotal ups and down of American history of that era. Still, when the violence of those times, reaches closer to her home, she is compelled to rethink her values in the light of the situations then.

Catch up with some great reviews, by top editorials, supporting Danielle Steel’s novel:

“Steel is one of the best!”Los Angeles Times

“Few modern writers convey the pathos of family and material life with such heartfelt empathy.”The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Steel pulls out all the emotional stops. . . . She delivers!”Publishers Weekly

“What counts for the reader is the ring of authenticity.”San Francisco Chronicle

Father’s day books for their little kids to celebrate their lovely bond!!!

Fathers Day Books

Father’s day is just around the corner. If you are looking for the best books to celebrate this father’s day with awesome books then this is the right place for you. Surprise your dad with these books and read and enjoy these books while cuddling together on a couch. Have a loon on these online bestseller books that you should read with your father to make your bond stronger. You will perfectly find a perfect fit book for you.

Just me and my dad by Mercer Mayer

It is a funny, classic and heartwarming book in which a little critter go on a camping trip. On this camping trip, both of them spend beautiful time by fishing, canoeing together. You can relate to this book and can make your bond stronger with your dad.

Hero dad by Malinda Hardin

In this book, the dad has superpowers and a real-life hero. The child proudly describes the superpowers of his dad in this book. In this book, the child compares his dad with a US soldier and superhero. The book is available at our online book store so you don’t need to visit your local book shops in search of this book.

My daddy is a Giant by Carl Norac

The book is all about the admiration and love that a young boy has for his dad. He considers his dad as a personal giant. He says that his dad is so tall that he can have a cloud on his shoulders. No, any place can be a better place than his strong arms. It is a lively and warm celebration of the powers of the dad.

Daddy is my hero by Dawn Richards

However, at the start of the book, it seems quite average. He is the one who plays, cook and cleans the home. Sometimes dads are quite normal doing a number of things around the world but they are always special and superheroes with superpowers in their child’s imagination world.

My dad is the best playground by Luciana Navarro Pawell

It is a lively and fun-loving book that celebrates the relationship father with their children. The story says the dad is the funniest person in the world. The book is a perfect father’s day gifts. He is a great climbing wall and the highest swing for children.

When dad says “I love you” by Douglas Wood

There are a number of ways to say “I love you” to children by their dads. The book has described a number of animal characters and their ways of expressing love to their children. They will help you with doing homework, they can make pancakes and teach you to sing songs. There are numerous numbers of ways to express your love to your child.

How to cheer up dad by Fred Koehler

In this book, a little jumbo tries to discover why his father had a bad day over there. The book expresses -loving father-son relationship. It is a charming book that makes you both laugh aloud when you read it. So on this father’s day, order books online and surprise your father.

When dads don’t grow up by Marjorie Blain Parker

An endearing celebration of dad and son relationship, A celebration of dad who is young at heart. It is a book that describes the happily spent time popping bubble wraps, spending silly time together and watching cartoons and much more. They are the dads who might look grown up from external while they are kids from underneath.

So, which book are you getting this year on this father’s day? Surprise your father on this father’s day. Buy cheap books online and surprise your father while sitting at your home.

Father’s day books for dad that will bring you closer to your dad!!!

Fathers Day Book

Father’s day is approaching near. What can be a better idea than gifting these books as awesome gifts to your dad? No matter what your dad likes or dislikes, here you will get an appropriate book according to the choice of your dad. Have a look at this list of books that you can gift to your dad on this father’s day and that is available at our online book store.

Beartown by Fredrik Backman 

However, winning a junior hockey championship is not a big deal for an individual but it would be a great achievement for the people residing in Bear town. As in other books of the writer have written this book in a very charming way where each and every detail has been given. Backman has done a brilliant job of exploring human values while competing with other hockey teams. Backman also gives a message that we should not trust people who don’t have anything to lose with this book.

Second nature: A gardener’s education by Michael Pollen 

Does your father is in love with nature and its beauty? If yes, then this book is perfect to gift your dad on this father’s day. The writing is both profound and witty during his essays of driving to own land. The thoughtful essays can inspire modern men to start planting.

The cuckoo’s calling by Robert Galbraith

You might use to do puzzle with your dad to stronger your bond. It is a crime-fictional novel in which a detective Cormoran investigates the reason behind the supermodel’s suicide. Although Cormoran had lost his leg in a land mine the writer has created an amazingly inspiring story that your father will love to read.

To kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

The list of books perfect for father’s day can’t be completed without Harper Lee’s book based on racism, gender inequality, and class in a small town. The novel is popularly known for humor while questioning the big issues of the society such as racial inequality and rape.

Born to run by Bruce Springsteen

Does your father love to keep old concert posters? If yes, then this is the book to gift him. This is a painfully honest autobiography written by the author without any help of a ghostwriter. Writing about yourself can be funnier but showing your mind through your writing is not. Through this book, the writer had promised to show his mind to all the readers. If you are in love with the original voice of Springsteen then this is a perfect book for you and your dad.

The Gene: An Intimate History by Siddhartha Mukherjee

If you have a science dad who helps you in chemistry labs in high school, who took you on a nature walk then this is a perfect book to gift your dad. The writer has the courage to write on a subject that a few writers can tackle, the basic unit of the heredity. It is a story of birth, growth and about future with some powerful and dangerous ideas making it an interesting book for readers.

Kitchen confidential: adventures in the culinary underbelly by Anthony Bourdain

Does your dad love to cook? If yes, it is time to gift him this interesting books to create an haute cuisine. The writer knows everything about the kitchen, cooking and food and the irresistible writing style of the book makes it a perfect book to read. Gift this book to your dad and get prepared for something gourmet snacks. The writer says that vegetarians are the decent spirit on this earth who can’t enjoy the delicious taste of food.

Now you don’t need to visit any book shop to buy a perfect book. Buy cheap books online at a very discounted price and surprise your dad on the upcoming father’s day.

The great advantages of buying books online

Ria Books

1) Prices of books online are much cheaper

If you buy books from online stores it is considerably much cheaper than the conventional book stores. The online stores always have huge discounts and promotions on the books.

2) The convenience of purchasing books online

When you order books online you can save a lot of money and get great convenience too. You need not wander from one bookstore to the other in search of books. Rather, you can search the books you want from the comfort of your home and order them for home delivery to your doorstep.

3) You can get access to the consumer reviews

When you shop books from online stores, you have the opportunity to access the books and its customer reviews before you make the purchase. The customer’s reviews are quite helpful in helping you know the real reviews of the books. It gives thorough information beforehand about the book.

4) Huge discounts and promotions are available on online books

You can save a lot of money, and efforts when you purchase books online. The online book stores have huge discounts usually on all the range of books. They even offer special promotions during seasons, and coupons and deals can be redeemed to get more discounts. The shipping of books is quite economical too as most online book stores provide free delivery or with a very low shipping charge.

5) Unlimited choice of books

The online book stores do not have any restriction on space and storage, unlike conventional stores. Hence the online book stores have a huge database of books for all categories or genres of books. You need to search for the right book to get the book you are looking for online. As you search books online you even get some recommendations of similar books which opens your avenues to a new range of books which you may be interested in buying too.

6) Hard and soft copy of the book

The online book stores give its users an option to purchase books online in hard copy format as well as soft copy format. The hard copy books known as e-books can be purchased in digital formats which you can download and save on your device. The books are also available in soft copy format which you can get delivered to your doorstep.

What are the benefits of purchasing books online?

Online Book

In recent years, online book sellers have become quite a hit. The major reason behind the trend of online bookstores is that the online book sellers provide more advantages than conventional bookstores like the more economical price of books, unlimited choice, convenience for delivery of books, customer reviews of books and huge discounts.

There are many online book sellers to choose from which offer a varied range of books for every genre. Be it academic textbooks, fiction or non-fiction books, the online book stores sell it all. The online bookstores give you the option to order books online of all kinds like recent bestsellers such as Life after Life by Kate Atkinson, 1356 by Bernand, classic literature like Wordsworth series, Marx & Engels books, etc. , biographies and memoirs, self-help books, cookery related books, children’s tales, and textbooks for school and  university, and out-of-print titles. It is even possible to buy books for sale in UK by getting discount online deals, coupons, promotions and online discounts. So to get cheap books UK, when you order books online, you should look for these exciting promotional discounts online to avail great prices.

There are many online bookstores in the UK which range in size and you can get all kinds of books you are interested to buy from them. If one online book store does not have a book you are looking to order, then there are various other online book stores, which can have the availability of those books which you can get at cheap prices.

There are millions of books available on online stores with different titles. You can search for them on online book stores through different categories like Horror books, Mystery, CD’s, Audio Cassettes, Graphic Novels, Children’s books, textbooks, and many others. If you are looking out for a specific author, or ISBN number book or title, you can even search them on the search bar of the online book store. The online book stores also have an option of purchasing the books at huge discounts using seasonal coupons, deals, and promotions. The online stores have their own policies on exchanges and returns. The online book stores also have a customer service helpline to assist its customers on their order and delivery related queries.

Finding the Best Online Book Store

Online Bookstore (2)

The thing is, not all bookstores are the same and the same is true for the online marketplaces. You can’t expect to find all the books in all the marketplaces. Sometimes, the books sell in a region and sometimes it does not, which makes it difficult for sellers of your region or country to keep all of them.

If you like the Foreign Classics like Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita or Marcel Proust’s French masterpiece In Search of Lost Time, you are in luck, because you can always find these online easily because they are classics and well known, but if you are into contemporary international literature, like Karen Tei Yamashita’s  I hotel, it’s not very easy to find those.

Sure you could buy it on kindle and read it through the screen, but where’s the fun in that? You get the story, you get the character and you also get the message from the book you were craving, but you wouldn’t find it as appealing as the printed version, the feel of the paper on your fingertips, the mild smell of the pages. It’s stimulating and warm and cozy, nothing that a Kindle can do.

Moreover, you have been dreaming of building that library of yours. How would you have a library when all the books you own are on your Kindle device? Keep some of the books on Kindle if you like to travel with it; it will be convenient sometimes, but it will never be enough. With your own personal library, you could come home to the biggest works of the greatest writers to have walked the face of the earth.

So here’s what you do

Now you know that to have all the books you want for your library, you need to order books online. Just find the key marketplaces for the books you are trying to find and target just those. Make sure you have seen the writer’s and the title’s name correctly because international shipping would prove costly.

When you have those books with you, devour them all you can, until you can take no more and then, devour some more. There are millions of books out there, waiting to be read, to be appreciated, to be loved by people like you. People who understand the need of books in these trying times because you understand what it means to befriend a book and pour out your secrets to it when you see similar things happening to the characters in those books.