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Cheap Books

Right now the market is flooding with deals, offers, discount coupons and what not on numerous types of product. Every business is trying to reach at the top of the mind of consumers by introducing lucrative offers. However, on the Contrary getting a good deal is not only hard but next to impossible among these offers, be it on regular day products or books.

Even if the companies are promoting to have the cheapest books, do not have even competitive prices. Hence at Ria Christie we have started the initiative to offer a collection of books in our deal section every fortnight or month.

Here are some of the current deals we are offering this month. Look!! Explore!! Have fun while reading!!

6.	One quick Decision, Snap, Could be her last by Belinda BauerLegend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2019 Wall Calendar by Nintendo: (Just at Price £ 9.10) – If you are aware of video games in any way then you will be well aware of the company called, “Nintendo”. It is a Japanese game development company which has introduced a series of games for the video games lovers. Zelda is the one character which is loved by people of every age. Hence the images of the adventure of Zelda is something which is appreciated by the lovers. The wall calendar has a great selection of images and pictures on every page, which will tempt you keep on turning the page again and again. It is the only original Calendar offered by the company.

The Broons Calendar 2019 by The BroonsThe Broons Calendar 2019 by The Broons: (Just at Price £ 5.87) – The comic strip which has been the favourite of many for years is now available in the form of calendar. The Broons is a comic strip which is published in the Scottish newspaper called “The Sunday Times.” The strip always leave the people in the fits of laughter and giggles. From kids to elders everyone wait for the strip on the newspaper. Every page of calendar have a selected comic strip or the pictures of The Broons family.

Oor Wullie Calendar 2019 by Oor Wullie:Oor Wullie Calendar 2019 by Oor Wullie: (Just at Price £ 5.87) – Oor Wullie is another a famous scotish comic strip of The Sunday post which is loved by most of the people around the globe. It is adored by people of all ages. The comic strip is making people laugh since 1936 and still has a great customer base. Every page of the calendar has a new storyline to make people laugh and smile. The customer reviews has comments like, “t never disappoints” and “Always a good laugh”.

Macbeth by William Shakespeare, Cedric Watts, Keith CarabineMacbeth by William Shakespeare, Cedric Watts, Keith Carabine: (Just at Price £ 2.10) – It is difficult to find even a single person on earth who has not heard about the famous book by William Shakespere, “Macbeth”. It is a well-known tragic drama of the history which is still taught to the students who intends to gain knowledge on English literature. The name of the book is similar to the brave warrior in the book who tries to win the crown of Scotland either by hook or crook. As per the plot Macbeth is fatally impelled by some supernatural forces with the help of his wife and his own ambitions to rule. The story has lots of ups and downs, and portrays the psychological impacts on the couple because of their actions. A great read for those who love an intense tragic drama stories.

Much Ado About Noting by William ShakespeareMuch Ado About Noting by William Shakespeare: (Just at Price £ 2.10) – Yet again a great comedy dram by Shakespeare. It is true that the author is famous to write intense books however this one is something from his styles. It is said that the book was written while Shakespeare was reaching the middle of his carrier. A lot of confusions, crossroads, misunderstanding and laugh has been the part of the plot. In most of the part of the book characters are tricked to do one or the other thing which tangles their relationship and creates misunderstanding. In the end just like any story the lead couple cleans up the mess to make it a happy ending.

One quick Decision, Snap, Could be her last by Belinda BauerOne quick Decision, Snap, Could be her last by Belinda Bauer: (Just at Price £ 10.91) – A great suspense crime thriller by Belinda. The story has its own moments with a great plot. The story starts with the young mother of three kids where the eldest is 11 years old namely jack. With the thought of finding the murderer he is to make a life for his two little sisters. He does whatever odd jobs he can get along with burglary and tries to be the man of the house. While working, he starts getting the clues for his mother’s murder and the story moves on. A good read with the appreciation from Val McDermid who said, “The best crime novel I’ve read in a very long time.”

Harley-Davidson 2019 by Editors of MotorbooksHarley-Davidson 2019 by Editors of Motorbooks: (Just at Price £ 10.91) – How can we forget “The Harley Davidson”. As per the editorial reviews, “The Editors of Motorbooks know their craft. Motorbooks is among the world’s leading transportation publishers, offering books created by motoring’s top photographers and writers, many created with major partners like Harley-Davidson, Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler and magazines like Hot Rod and Cycle World.” The bike is the most favourite asset of any bike lover. To be honest the fans never called it a bike instead a heaven on road. Each page of the calendar showcases the amazing designs of this two wheeler technology. The calendar has a great collection of images from veteran HD photographer David Blattel along with some historic clicks.

2019 Pipsticks Building My Empire Planner Created by Pipsticks(r) and workman(r)2019 Pipsticks Building My Empire Planner Created by Pipsticks(r) and workman(r): (Just at Price £ 16.09) – If you are more dependent upon planer to manage your work then “Pipsticks Building My Empire Planner” is the best one to carry in your hand. You will be surprised to know that the planner has 1300+ original stickers which helps you through work. You even have separate bands on the planner, one to close and the other to bookmark. Apart from these there are several other features which you are going to adore in this planner. If you like things to be organized in a certain manner then this planner is for you.

Grab a bite while taking a sip- Read the best books on food and drinks

Food & Drinks

Food and drinks books are selling like hot cakes because of the interesting facts and recipes they include. Both the items are the part of the hierarchy of necessities for human where one is the basic necessity and the other being the luxury one. Every person needs food to survive and if it is made with some uniqueness then there are no words to explain the feel.

Here is a list of few books which contains interesting facts about recipes. These books contain facts about ancient periods, the food culture at that period. Here are some books which will also guide you some interesting recipes which are easy to prepare. Have a peek at these UK’s bestselling books with us.

If you are foodie, if you have a love for food, if you want to know about food and drink more, then these are must read books for you.

Food and Drink in Antiquity A SourcebookFood and Drink in Antiquity: A Sourcebook by John F. Donahue This is the first volume of the book which contains the thoughts and perception of the ancient people about food and drink. It is all about the importance of food and drinks to them. This is chronological structured book contains readings from Greece to Roman world. The book contains wonderful resources such as inscriptions, legal testimonials, for every inquisitive reader which makes the book really very interesting to read.

Good Food and Drink in SussexGood Food and Drink in Sussex by Fizz Carr - The author says we are so lucky that we are living in this world. The writer writes about some best spots as well as places where the reader can see some rare plants and endangered species which is really very interesting to know about. The writer says that we have infinite variety of plants and wildlife in this world. The author describes the places where you can go and can observe rare endangered species of animals to insects and can observe natural rare habitats as well.

Anglo-Saxon Food and DrinkAnglo-Saxon Food and Drink by Ann Hagen Here in this book, the author describes the food and drink at Anglo Saxon times. The writer reveals the types of the food such as cereals, pigs, vegetables, herbs, etc. which were consumed at that time by the residents. Author collects lots of informative data about food and drink related to Anglo Saxon time. The writer also describes the drinks available at that time including residential as well as religious drinks. She explains the food production methods, the type of food and drinks from 5th to 11th century in descriptive manner.

Food and DrinkFood and Drink by Mike Hobbs If you are interested in the genre of food and drinks, then it is a must read book for you. In this book, the author explains the concept of becoming an entrepreneur in the industry of foods and drinks. One should read the book if one want to do a business in the concerned industry because the writer describes step by step information which let you know how you can start a business in food and drink industry. The book has a great insight on the working of the businesses in this industry which can certainly help the newbie of the market.

Food and Drink by lindaFood and Drink by Linda Staniford The author has written the book in a very interesting and inquisitive manner. She describes the difference between wants and needs of the people in relation to food and drinks. The writer questions the readers, “that yes everybody needs food and drink to get energy but do we always eat food and have drinks as per the needs of our body only”. This query by the author has raised questions in the mind of many people and most of them know the answer very well.

A treatise on the adulteration of food and drinkA treatise on the adulteration of food and drink by Byrn, M. Lafayette - This is a replica of a book which was originally published before 1852. The book is written in same manner with same details so that the reader will have a feel of original book. The book contains directions which allow one to detect fraud or adulteration in food as well as drinks. The book guides about how one can prevent them from getting health problems which are gained from consuming unwanted adulterated food.

River Entertaining - Food and Drink Ideas for Boaters in the Thousand IslandsRiver Entertaining – Food and Drink Ideas for Boaters in the Thousand Islands by Nicole Hartshorn The writer wants to share about the recipes which takes less ingredients and lesser time to cook so that one can spend more time with other pals and peers. The author says the simpler the thing is, the better it will be. The book starts with the boaters and their simple life with less amount of time in the boat. Hence the author wanted to share the ideas she have about the food and drink which are simpler and better and takes lesser time thus one can spend more time with the boat mates while enjoying their stroll.

Food and Drink in LiteratureFood and drink in literature by Norman Kiell This book contains bibliographical survey of over 1,500 food items. The book contains not only the German, French and modern contents but also contains entries from the Roman age. The writer says that the food is not just we are put in our mouth but it is more than that. The book is regarding food and it contains almost 1500 food items altogether. The entries of the book are written in various different languages from past roman age to modern times.

Eating and Drinking in Roman BritainEating and Drinking in Roman Britain by H.E.M. Cool The book describes the Roman period and the culture of food and drinks at that time. The author collects huge numbers of archaeological excavations, inscriptions and then writes about that period. The book contains the drinking and eating habits of various communities during that time which are not only interesting but also very intriguing to read. Who doesn’t want to know something rich from their ancient culture? Well we do hence we are reading the book.

Reading- Why it carves the road of success?

Reading Books Online

You will never find a single person in the crowd who don’t aim to be successful. We all here and there have thought of becoming a successful person in one or the other domain of life. Every now and then you will find a video or a write up stating the tips to become successful, however very few gives the insight of the traits which are shown in the successful people. There are certain habits which they follow and become what they are now. One of those habits is reading. They don’t just pick bestselling books of all time instead they make a book one.

Reading religiously or being an avid reader cultivates several traits in a human which leads them towards the path of the success. We are not telling you which books to buy, rather to buy one at least in order to enhance the process speed of your success. In childhood we were always told to read to earn knowledge and get better education. Now understand how that reading also brings out certain personality traits in you which can offer you success on a silver platter.

Traits of successful people you can cultivate through being an avid reader.

  1. Eye on the Goal: A phrase you might have heard several times in a context like, “Just keep your eye on the goal.” Well how? The phrase basically means to focus on your target. Have you read the book, “Atlas Shrugged then you might know how reading is a tough habit. However it teaches you to stay focus at one task for a longer period of time. Here by it we mean the habit of reading not the book. A reader can’t leave the book in between without reading its climax similarly those who are successful can’t leave the task in their hand without completing it.
  2. Setting Goals: The book called, 10 Keys to successhas very beautifully explained the concept of being clear on your goals. Reading teaches or should say guide you to set efficient and productive goals in life. You don’t have to aim to read a book of 1000 pages in one day instead start with 100 and eventually increase your speed. Similarly one can never be successful overnight. You have to set goals and achieve them in the set time then set another and go on.
  3. Time utilization: Time utilization or rather should say time management is something which will always help to grow. The book called, Improve Your Time Management – With Instant Results has taught a lot of people to use their time wisely. Well how does reading help here? If you are a reader then the 30 minutes commute time to office will not look like penny to you instead you will think, “I can complete a chapter of the book in this much time.” This is how reading changes your mind and helps you in becoming more productive.
  4. Wide berth of perception: You will always hear that successful people are perceptive and observant. They try to see the situations and scenarios from different angles and perspectives which add up in their experience. Reading different books helps you to see the point of view of other people in different scenarios. The habit of thinking things with different perspectives helps you to become observant which eventually offers you a better understanding of things, situations and people.
  5. Good command on the language: Reading enhances your command on the language. It improves your written as well as verbal skills. Reading no doubt gives a great library of words and enhances your vocab. If you think then you will find that most of the greatest speakers of the past and present has a great affliction of reading and are avid readers. They are always quoting one or the other book in their speeches. They are successful and have been always be a avid readers which helped them on their path of success.
  6. Stress management: Readers especially successful people take this habit as a stress buster. It helps them to relax while learning new things. Later on this helps them to handle stress better than a lot of people as they know what to do in order to relax. A lot of people can’t handle stress meaning they go into downward spiral. Learning the habit of stress management and relaxing can keep you sane and attentive all the time. Stress never gels which being happy and concentration.
  7. Good Listeners: When you read you like the silence, the peace and eventually staying silent becomes a habit. This trait helps you to listen to the people and gain knowledge from their experiences. I always use to say a quote to my friends, “Guys please make mistakes so that I can learn from yours without making any.” That time it was a joke, however now it shows a deep meaning.
  8. Knowledge: No matter what you read you will have abundance of knowledge in your hands if you read. It will make you aware and well informed about different topics and fields. You can talk about any topic while standing in the crowd as you have read it before which is a very strong trait of a successful person. Successful people are good speakers as they know about several things at the same time. You don’t have to buy a bestselling books of all time to gain knowledge, a simple book can also help.
  9. Good Memory: You may not realise it in starting. However after a while you will see that you remember a lot more stuff after you have started reading books, journals, articles or just magazines. Reading allows you to enhance your learning ability eventually enhances your power of memory, which is a very helpful tool in the long run.

No matter how you start; you can start by finding and buying cheap books online, only thing here which matters is that you start. Perhaps these traits can be developed through other activities as well, however reading is the most interesting option to go with.

The Vast World of Drinks and Splashes Is Here

Cheap Books

What’s your poison? I hope you get the meaning. I am talking about your favourite drink. The one which you always go for, the very one which offers you comfort. Well if you enjoy having a drink or then trying them by yourself or understanding about their history is something which will interest you as well. These books will take you to a different journey and will offer a complete different view on drinks which you are definitely going to appreciate later.

Sometimes you want to have a drink with someone but all your buddies are busy in their lives then it is good to have a drink with a book with a description on drinks only. Get ready for the colourful insights you are about to have from the bestseller books in UK.

Why Unicorn DrinksWhy Unicorn Drinks by C. W. Moss In this book, the writer says that unicorns are like us. They have problems, stress and joy like we have. They are not just the majestic characters which we think of them instead they also have emotions like humans. Once you read this book then your perception and thoughts about unicorn will completely change. You will come to know unicorn in a new light, not just that those creatures are made to make you laugh but to guide as well. And think how unicorns can be related to drinks.

DrinksDrinks by Tony Conigliaro - If you like having drinks here and there then this is a book written for you only. The book contains recipes of various drinks and the history of the cocktails. The writer writes new invention about drinks, historical drinks in their original form, flavoured and fragrant drinks, and fruit based drinks and much more. The book contains beautiful photographs with deeper description of each recipe. The description will let you know the ingredients and the equipments required to prepare a good drink.  

Pink DrinksPink Drinks by Katherine Bebo Females you are in a treat here. The book contains recipes of the drinks especially for women. It is a collection of fun, flirty, and frivolous cocktails. The book includes mixed drink recipes; fruit drink recipes and blended drinks designed by keeping women in mind. The writer includes plenty of drinks which can be enjoyed to make you feel refreshed. There are plenty of drinks which do not include alcohol and still can make you feel relaxed and refreshed. The book contains the recipes of all these drinks which you might have not heard of before.

A History of DrinkingA History of Drinking by Anthony CookeIt is such a fascinating book which contains vivid description of pleasure and pains at drinking place in Scotland. The writer describes the changing nature of the Scottish pubs. The writer says a pub is a place where people meet one another to do commercial transactions. A pub is also used as public spaces not just as a drinking place for someone. Writer describes the Scottish history of drinking places like the changes in laws of getting license for such places and all things are described in descriptive way.

Drink Your Way to Gut HealthDrink Your Way to Gut Health by Molly Morgan When people talk about health then it just come to smoothies, milk, fruit juice and all which can make someone healthy but this book contains recipes which include yogurt, almond milk, and ginger beer. The book contains 140 healthy drinks which are highly rich in nutrients and can keep one healthy as well as refreshed. These recipes are described so beautifully that you will love to prepare these.  

No Wonder I Take a DrinkNo Wonder I Take a Drink by Laura Marney In this book, a lonely sentimental hard drinking woman attempt to start a new life. She leaves her son who is insolent teenage, her husband who is alienate to her and her job in which she does not have any interest. She started a new life in a home in highlands. She lives with the nature and her bonds with animals strengthen by the time as described by the author of the book. It is such an interesting, amazing and beautiful book to read. It is somewhat related to drinking habits.

Everyday DrinkingEveryday Drinking by Kingsley Amis The writer writes on such a curious subject called as drinking. In this book, the writer comes up with a list of drinking recipes. The writer tells about hangover after drinking alcohol, how one can reduce drinking if it’s an addiction and all things related to it. The writer describes the art of making and drinking alcohol throughout the world. If you will read this book, you will get high knowledge regarding drinking across the world.

Drinking with DickensDrinking with Dickens by Cedric Dickens Lots of vivid drinking scenes are described in this book. The book is really very interesting one to read in which author describes experiences as well as different recipes. The book starts with a ginger drink recipe, a teetotal drink. The author describes people in detail while writing about the vivid drinking experiences which are really very fascinating to read. Don’t forget there are recipes too.

Drinking from the Wells of New CreationDrinking from the Wells of New Creation by Kerry Dearborn - The writer describes the gift of the god, which is life. Writer describes a connection of god with us. God gives us lots of gifts and the author says that we should open our eyes and hearts to god as well as for other peoples. The author pays attention on god’s creature, love and healing which makes this book a beautiful one.  You won’t understand the content from the title only.

Wedding A to Z in 10 Books

Wedding Books

With the onset of wedding season in UK, every bride (and groom) has got into planning a wedding everyone would remember. After all, it’s one of the most important days for them. They are going to start a new phase of their life and planning a wedding is no easy thing. You know that, and we do too.

Thus, here we are giving you a list of books to help you plan your wedding or your friend’s, without dropping a sweat (maybe a little) –

Wedding Planning For DummiesWedding Planning for Dummies, UK Edition (2014)As the title says, this book is for the first-timers – who never did wedding planning for anyone. The authors Dominique Douglas and Bernadette Chapman are successful planners, and with their help, you can plan the wedding the way you want. The book is at your service whether your wedding is at a church or a romantic destination. It has tips and checklists to get you through the event without any stress. Not only does it include planning for guests, flowers, music, dress and everything else but it also includes information about the legalities.With this guide by your side, you can plan all the days involved in the event and not only the special one.

The Complete Wedding PlanThe Complete Wedding Plan (Straightforward Guides) (2008)The Complete Wedding Plan by Charlotte Rees covers everything related to the big day. It throws light on every aspect of the marriage, what the bride and groom should be prepared for and also the role of the best man. Whether you’re the one who’s getting married or you’re involved in the wedding of someone else, the guide would prove to be invaluable. Apart from the budget and designing the ceremony well, it provides insights on wedding etiquettes and speeches too. And it also gives tips on the after-ceremony processes.

Wedding BibleWedding Bible (2006)With her book Wedding Bible, event planner Sarah Haywood turns fantastic ideas into reality. Along with detailed and expert advice from other artists, photographers and florists in the industry, this book has what you need to make your big day glamorous. Even the hotels and exclusive country houses reveal their secrets of creating an unforgettable wedding event. But the book is not only about glamour. It also has easy money-saving advice for those on a budget. There are plenty of practical information, expert tips and checklists to keep your planning on track. And when the day arrives, you are stress-free and can enjoy your day. The guide ensures that everything will be in place, making the wedding eventsspecial for you.

A Bride's PlannerA Bride’s Planner: Organizer, Journal, Keepsake for the Year of the Wedding (2007)Compiled by wedding planner Marsha Heckman, it is both an organiser and a journal for the bride-to-be. It is divided into sections and has everything a bride needs to know and do in her marriage. There are cardholders, sleeves and pockets for storing photos and DVDs and is full of tips, advice and ideas to make the wedding a grand celebration. The planner is divided into different sections for to-do lists, a 13-month calendar to help you get everything in line (and on schedule), vendors, guests and the journal where the bride can note down things she might want to remember. The planner is made complete with beautiful photographs by Richard Jung.

The Mother of the Bride GuideThe Mother of the Bride Guide: A Modern Mom’s Guide to Wedding Planning (2016)A guide for the mother of the upcoming bride by the wedding planner Katie Martin. The book isn’t a wedding planning tool, but instead it tells the readers what the role of the mother in the wedding be. It gives tips to aid the bride in family matters and let her concentrate on the planning. The book offers advice about how to meet the in-laws-to-be and other family members, navigating social media and using various wedding sites. It includes everything a mother can do to keep the bride free of any stress and prepare her for her special day.

Stuff Every Groom Should KnowStuff Every Groom Should Know (Stuff You Should Know) (2015)This pocket-sized book by Eric San Juan tells about all the skills the groom needs for the big event. The book is divided into sections such as tips for Engagement, Wedding Planning, the Wedding Day and After Wedding events. The book includes tips for arrangements in the budget, making the guests list and everything involved in the process, even dealing with in-laws-to-be. It’s a light-hearted read, and you can carry on with your wedding without any stress.

How to Make a Brilliant Best Man's SpeechHow to Make a Brilliant Best Man’s Speech and Support the Groom, from the Stag Do to the Wedding(2017)Well, this guide by Phillip Khan-Panni is for the best man. The author is a professional speaker,and he tries to save you from the pain of writing and delivering a speech by making the task easier. Not only does the book help you in giving a speech that everyone will remember, but it also has tips to make the event successful. Apart from tips and advice, the bookalso has checklists to help organise the event and help the couple make an impression – a good one.

Poems and Readings for WeddingsPoems and Readings for Weddings, International Edition (2004)The book is a compilation of 70 poems and readings that you can recite during the wedding speech. Authored by Julia Watson, the book aims to strengthen the bonding, love and the relationship of a lifetime through those words. Not only can these poems be read during the wedding ceremony but also during the wedding party, lunch or dinner.

Wedding SpeechesWedding Speeches (2013)The title of the book is pretty self-explanatory. Yes, this book by Roland Gardner is a collection of a variety of wedding speeches. It contains sample speeches for various occasions and situations related to the wedding. And every member gets his/her share of words. The book offers speeches for the bride, the groom, the bridesmaid and many other relatives. Apart from the speeches, it also contains tips and guidance to get up and going. This book is a definite help for anyone who could use some confidence for speaking up on the stage.

The Bride's Instruction ManualThe Bride’s Instruction Manual: How to Survive and Possibly Even Enjoy the Biggest Day of Your Life (Owner’s and Instruction Manual) (2008)This guide by the wedding journalist Carrie Denny is full of humor and also cheat-sheets. It touches every aspect of a wedding in a concise and fun way, and the illustrations by Paul Kepple go well with the content. It includes everything you need – from the dates to the dress – to walk down the hall with confidence. The book though is quite basic in its content but good to start with for the beginners. And the little humor here and there lowers down your stress caused by the wedding planning, relatives and in-laws. Sshhh!

Well, that was the list. Get your books ready, enjoy the wedding and don’t forget to give us some credit. Just kidding!

Dress up your Menu – The Best Foods in a Wedding


While people undertake a lot of efforts in making their wedding day successful, food is one of the things that remain neglected. You plan it all in detail but the arrangement for food, usually, is left to the caterers. But along with the venue and beautiful decoration, a satisfied stomach is what makes the day talk of the town (or your community).

And the following books will serve as inspirations for the wedding menu. So, choose among the best dishes around the world, make a customised big day menu yourself and add another feather to the celebrations.

FoodFood: The Chemistry of its components (2008)Before you start deciding on the menu, you need to know about food. After all, many people have allergies to certain food, and no one would like to include dishes which make the guests ill. And the book – Food – by the Food Bio-chemistry lecturer Tom P. Coultate aims to give some insights. Although the book is made for students and teachers of food science, anyone interested in the chemistry of food will find it useful. It provides you with details of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and also various colors and flavors used. And while not everyone expects a healthy menu at weddings, you can offer them food free from toxins and allergens, at least.

 Allergies and Food AddictionsAllergies and Food Addictions: No More (2015)Do you know that about 5% of our population is allergic to one food or the other? While you can’t say what allergy someone has, having information about the problematic components can help prevent some discomfort. This book by Eleonore Blaurock and Yvette Busch lists some of the common food that is known to cause allergic reactions. And those common things include eggs, peanut, soybeans and even milk. Read about them, and you can avoid including those on your menu. The book also mentions diet plans for different allergy types. And with its help, you can make special arrangements for guests who are allergic to a particular food.

Friendship FoodFriendship Food: Delicious Feel-good Food (2014)Now that you know about healthy foods to include in your list and also about those that causes allergies, how about taking care of people with chronic diseases. Felicity Philp in his book talks about recipes which will make your friends and family feel good. It contains over 70 easy-to-make dishes that are free of components like Gluten, Yeast, Dairy, Egg and Refined Sugar. Not only the recipes are beneficial for people with a strict diet plan but can also help the healthy ones by keeping them healthier. There also is a daily diet planner, in case you’re planning a multi-day event.

The Food and Cooking of Malaysia & Singapore, Indonesia & the PhilippinesFood and Cooking of Malaysia & Singapore, Indonesia & the Philippines (2011)Now that you are able to take care of your guests’ food choices, it’s time for ideas… for a unique wedding day menu. And when talking about uniqueness, no menu can exclude dishes from South-east Asia. This collective effort of Ghillie Basan, Terry Tan and Vilma Laus bring you the colors from the kitchens of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines. The book is divided into two parts with the first one dedicated to the customs, culture and the key ingredients used in each country. The second part of the book contains recipes of about 350 exotic dishes, complete with illustrative photographs.

Food and Cooking of South AfricaFood and Cooking of South Africa (2015) – While the dishes of South-east Asia are mouthwatering, South African ones are no less. This cookbook compiled by Fergal Connolly is a collection of 50 recipes from the diverse cuisine of South Africa. From sizzling braais to slow-cooked potjies and grilled meals to curries, you will find something from everything this African country has in offer. With over 300 images photographed by Nicki Dowey, Connolly was able to recreate the original magic, and you sure can do it too. The book, by the way, also includes fusion dishes, influenced by different cuisines ranging from Malay to Dutch.

PlentyPlenty (2011)If you are searching for some exciting but easy vegetable recipes, the Plenty is where you can stop. A book launched by a chef and food columnist, Yottam Ottolenghi, contains 120 fresh recipes that are bound to stay in memories for long. He emphasises all these recipes being vegetarian, but after seeing those stunning photographs, even non-veggies would like to try. Jonathan Lovekin, as a photographer, did a good job there. So, pick one from the collection and give your guests a different taste of the regular vegetable.

Food PhotographyFood Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots (2011)Food Photography at a wedding! Oh, why not? After you have made some mouthwatering selection of dishes for the big event, won’t you like some spectacular pictures to show off? A skilled photographer and the author of the book, Nicole S. Young also cooks. So, apart from lighting, lenses and everything else, the book also shows the placement of food. Use complementary colours, contrasting cutlery, and your just-looking-good food photo can transform into a vibrant photograph. In there, Young also explains various editing techniques like sharpening, colour enhancement and the use of Photoshop. And who knows, after seeing those large, beautiful images, you may want to include those dishes too (for the guests).

SweetSweet (2017)How does the idea of a special layered cake for your wedding sound? In another of his cookbook, Yotam Ottolenghi (along with Helen Goh) brings you a range of cakes, biscuits, puddings and ice creams. Sweet! The book has something for everyone from after-dinner sweetbreads to the guest-welcoming cookies and mini-cakes. It has more than hundred sweet recipes, and with names like Persian Love Cakes and Cinnamon Pavlova, you will like to try them all. And that’s for sure!

Leftover FoodsLeftover Foods: with Optional and Substitutable Ingredients (2015)The book, although not meant for a wedding event, comes quite handy for the after-wedding days. The guests have left, and you are settling down in your daily routine. But what to do with the rows of leftover food – cooked as well as uncooked? Vanesa Velacse Melendres, in her book, gives tips, ideas and recipes to create something new with the leftovers. And in the process, reduces wastage of food. Moreover, you can consume those dishes without exceeding your dietary limits. The book will also prove useful for your busy schedule when you can make a nutritious lunch with the things in your fridge.

 The Roasting TinThe Roasting Tin: Simple One-Dish Dinners (2017)This is another recipe book for the busy ones. Written by the food stylist Rukmini Iyer, the book presents 75 quick and nutritious dishes which you can create from the things left in the fridge. Common ingredients, few minute of preparation and then throw them all in the oven for an easy one-dish dinner.

Now it’s the time to pack up. Share in the comments about the book which you picked up for your next selection either for the wedding reception or daily dinner.

Get ready for the wedding – 8 books to help

Wedding book

Are you getting ready for your wedding or preparing to attend one? Well, with the arrival of wedding season in the UK, everyone is busy one way or the other. And why not, it involves so many things. You have to choose the venue, look after the decorations, make the list of guests and decide on the menu…and what not.

Ahhh!! I forgot the most important thing, you and your partner in crime. Both have to be at their best on that day (and night). And here are some books for suggestions, to get you through the wedding planning and preparations without getting stressed.

Wedding Planning for the Bride-To-Be Wedding Planning for the Bride-To-Be (2015) – In her book, April Hall will guide you through the entire planning process. You can even start your own wedding planner business, once you finished reading it. While you’re on it, you will know in detail what all you need to plan a magical wedding. April is a wedding producer extraordinaire, and she knows how to organise a perfect marriage event, in the style you want. The guide offers tips on money-saving decorations, your wedding cake, how to welcome people, how to distribute your budget and everything, in detail. There even are what not to do things – to prevent your wedding from becoming a disaster, and a nightmare for life.

Wedding Party Photo Props (2014)Wedding Party Photo Props (2014) – After you have sorted out everything for your big wedding event, don’t forget making the wedding party photos lively. And this book (more of a wedding accessory) by Galison does just that – putting the fun in your fun-time. The book contains 28 pre-cut props across ten sheets, ready to use. The package even has bamboo sticks included for attaching those props. Galison, along with Darah E. Macreshas put upon excellent collection of signs, champagne flutes, hats and bow-ties among others. Team up with your friends, family and make your special day more special and memorable with these wedding (or engagement) photo props.

Debbie Macomber's TableDebbie Macomber’s Table: Sharing the Joy of Cooking with Family and Friends (2018) – You made your wedding planning, got the ideas to make it a fun event, now are the time for food. In her new cookbook, Debbie Macomber talks about her favorite recipes, and also how to prepare them. In the book, you will find dishes apt for family events like holidays, gatherings, weddings (of course) and all. For Deb, food is a thing which brings people closer, and she takes pride in her grilled fishes, roasted ribs, cookies, pies and a multitude of desserts. Those dishes have a history behind them, and Debbie’s storytelling ability is captivating. Look at those gorgeous pics in there and don’t tell me you don’t want any of it on your menu.

Love And Lemons Meal Record And Market ListLove And Lemons Meal Record And Market List: Plan Your Weekly Meals and Organize Your Grocery Shopping (2018) – Decided the recipes? This meal planner prepared by Jeanine Donofrio is what you need now. It works not only for the wedding but any week-long event you plan to organise. The workbook contains space to divide your choices among various days and time of meals. You can then write down the grocery list, and Jeanine also offers few batch cooking and preparation tips in there. You also get a place to log event details and what all you served. A quick way to get ideas when you plan a get-together again. And you can even maintain a weekly meal plan in there so that your food budget doesn’t cross the limit. Marriage-saving workbook?

Crafting A Patterned HomeCrafting A Patterned Home: Painting, Printing, and Stitching Projects to Enliven Every Room (2018) – This book aims to create a unique space that’s custom made for you, by you. In her book, Kristin Nicholas takes you to her farmhouse and shows you with examples how to work with patterns. Kristin is a color expert crafter extraordinaire, and she helps you get inspiration from her works and decorate your place, your wedding venue, your room with patterns. It’s like a course to help you learn how to work with scales, motifs and repeats to decorate your home. Full of colorful and stunning photographs, the book makes it easy to create those patterns again. What’s a better decoration than some handmade touch?

Hair Care RehabHair Care Rehab (2012) – Can you think of anything worse than having a bad hair day on your wedding? Well, in her book, Audrey Davis-Sivasothy offers tips and solutions for hair repair. Youcan’t undo the damage,butat least, you can avoid further damage. The book offers solutions to dry hair, broken hair, split ends and dandruff among others. You can nourish your damaged hair and restore some of the lost charms with the techniques mentioned in there. Enter the hair therapy session with this guide and prepare yourself for beautiful hair on the day of your wedding.

Cassandra at the WeddingCassandra at the Wedding (2004) – This book is a work of fiction by Dorothy Baker, and Deborah Eisenberg contributed to the Afterword. It is the story of twin sisters Judith and Cassandra. Judith is getting married, and Cassandra can’t let her go. Twins have a bond between them – a close one. And this novella shows how the other reacts to it when one of them tries to break this bond and go away. Cassandra, after hearing that Judith is getting married, comes home to break the marriage. She isn’t yet ready to let Judith go. A beautiful story on family and relationships.

Wedding NightWedding Night (2007) – This satirical novel is written by Yusuf Abu Rayya,and the story revolves around Houda who is a deaf-mute helper of a butcher. R. Neil Hewison translated this Egyptian story which is set in a small town in the Neil delta. Houda wants to get married and can’t take eyes off the beautiful ladies around. He develops a liking for Fakiha, his master’s wife and the story goes on with what happens when someone breaks the code of a community. The book showcases the then life of rural Egypt and the tension among the relationships.

Those were few of the many books we have in our store for your needs. Wish you a happy reading and a successful wedding planning!

Some books are always in highlights

HIghlight Books

Books plays significant role in everybody’s life, one will get entertainment through books where one can get treasure of knowledge with the help of the books. But some books are always in highlights and almost everyone have desires to read these books.

Here is a list of such books, let us have a look.

Birdcage WalkBirdcage Walk by Helen Dunmore: A finest novel based on the French Revolution. Lizzie Fawkes is the main character of the story. She gets married to a property developer named John Diner Tredevant, who is in great loss because of the French revolution. He wants her to live as he wants as he things that she belongs to only him. At the end both find themselves alone. This is a great fiction novel and grabs the attention of readers.

Winter Winter by Ali Smith: This is the second novel written by Ali Smith. The author describes winters in beautiful manner. The days which has shortest days and the longest nights, the bare trees shivering because of cold. The author describes the beautiful landscapes, the scenic beauty of the nature in winters. The author says that during winter one learn to live in difficult situations.

The Lost WordsThe Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane, Jackie Morris: The book is writes for all age groups from kids age to young age to old age. The writer describes the beauty of the nature which will capture the reader’s heart. The author describes words which have been forgotten by childhood such as Dandelion and Otter. The author tells the importance of nature and why one should be connected with the nature.

The Things You Can See Only When You Slow DownThe Things You Can See Only When you slow Down: How to be Calm in a Busy World by Haemin Sunim and translated by Chi Young Kim: The book is among best-selling books. The writer pick up the most important subject and asks the readers whether we are fast or the world is fast. We need to move fast because the world is moving fast. In this book the writer makes us learn to live at rest and you can only see a few things when you will slow down in this fast moving world. The writer says that if you will slow down then the world itself get slow down.

HomegoingHome going by Yaa Gyasi: The book is about two main characters Effia and Esi with completely different destinies. One sister was sold in slavery while the other is the wife of a slave. The story took many new turns and the grasping story of the novel grabs the attention of the reader. The writer beautifully describes all the characters of the story. The writer will take you from Africa cotton plantation to American lives.

Conversations with FriendsConversations with Friends by Sally Rooney: The main character of the book is Frances who is twenty one years old. Frances is a good writer and a student in the Dublin. He has a girlfriend named Bobbi. The story takes a new turn and the writer goes to a place with beautiful houses, the amazing dinner parties and in the glories world. The story takes new takes and turns which is really very surprising to read and grabs the attention of the reader.

The BreakThe Break by Marian Keyes: The main character of the story is Amy and her husband. Her husband wants to take a break from this life. He gets fade up and wants to leave this life for six months. But will he come back? Will Amy make him to go? What will happen next? The book is really very interesting to read and one will love to read to book. The writer writes the book uniquely and grabs the attention of the readers.

5 Ingredients - Quick & Easy Food5 Ingredients – Quick & Easy Food by Jamie Oliver: As the name says, the book is a cook book with lots of delicious recipes. The book contains the recipes with only five ingredients and the dishes which are easy to cook and which cook fast. These recipes will take less time as well as less hard work. All the tasks will be done by Oven itself. Not just these are easier to cook but as well as these are budget friendly recipes.

The Midnight LineThe Midnight Line: (Jack Reacher 22) by Lee Child: This is the 22nd book of the series of Lee Child. When the story starts, the Reacher find himself in a trap once again as the investigation is done of the Pharmaceutical companies which are just based on getting more and more profit, forgetting about the people. The writer shows courage to pick up such a unique matter.

why i'm no longer talking to white people about raceWhy I’m no longer talking to white people about race by Reni Eddo Lodge: The book is non-fiction book based on class and racism. The author pick-up a serious subject. The eradicated black history of racism makes it a great book to read. It is a must read book to understand the classism and racism in past society as well as in modern period.

 I Am, I Am, I AmI am, I am, I am: Seventeen Brushes with Death by Maggie O’Farrell: The book contains the experiences of death when a person is near death bed. There are seven different encounters has been taken place with Maggie. When she is in her childhood, she faces a serious disease and near to death. When you become young, she finds herself with a serial killer and when she gets a girl then she wants to protect her daughter from myriad dangers. The author describes the seventeen encounter of her life which she faces like near death experiences.

SirensSirens by Joseph Knox: It is crime novel in which Isabelle Rossiter run away and a junior detective will solve this case. Many new characters come in the story and the writer describes each well. The man finds a manipulative man, he start investigation and find a seventeen year intelligent girl and feel attractive with this wrong girl. She is like to Isabelle. Would he can save himself or not?  

The Girl BeforeThe Girl Before by JP Delaney: The book focus on two main characters, one is Emma and second is Jane. Emma wants to have a new place with architectural beauty. Jane needs a start in her life suffering with personal tragedy. She gets the same place as rental home and Emma mysterious death takes place. What happens next? What she will do now? How their story connects?

The Secret Life of CowsThe Secret Life of Cows by Rosamund Young: The book is dedicated to cows. The writer describes the cows as intelligent cows and describes various types of cows as various humans. The cows are also like as human, some are slow learning, some are sharp minded and learn things easily, some are shy, some are proud and some are inventive, each cow has her own behavior and nature. Cows can also do activities such as humans do like they play hide and seek games.

10 Books for the Dream Wedding Planning

Wedding Books

Did you just hit the creativity block for the upcoming wedding? Each wedding season in UK sees some fresh decorations and also unique ideas to make the dream wedding a reality. But what’s up for yours? You asked your friends, your relatives and even your to-be partner but nothing hits the bull’s eye.

So, here are ten wedding planning books for inspiration, to help you make your dream day memorable without much of a hassle.

The DIY Wedding ManualThe DIY Wedding Manual: How to Create Your Perfect Day without a Celebrity Budget (2010) – If you aren’t taking services of a wedding planner, this book can get you started. Lisa Sodeau has put some very cost-effective tips to help you get through everything without spending a fortune. You do opt for cost-cutting ways in every sphere of life, and with this book besides, you can plan your wedding in the budget and also have fun. The book has tips and DIY ideas from previous brides for everything you need to plan the perfect day, the way you want. You will find over 100 tips for venues, flowers, make-up, photographs, transport, receptions, food and drink and even stationery.

The Wedding Fairy's Big Day BreakdownThe Wedding Fairy’s Big Day Breakdown (2013)Another book to help you celebrate your big day in a cost-savvy way is the Big Day Breakdown by George Watts (nicknamed The Wedding Fairy). It’s a must-have for any bride or groom-to-be who is trying to plan the wedding themselves.The guide contains everything you need to get your fairy-tale look on the wedding day and also apt decorations for the venue. It contains different cost information you should know about, various DIY steps and also the things you should ask the suppliers before finalising them. Tips from the geeks of the business, the wedding business, ensure your day is memorable for life for everyone who took part in it.

Stuff Every Bride Should KnowStuff Every Bride Should Know (Stuff You Should Know) (2015)Michelle Park Lazette packaged all your wedding worries in a pocket-sized manual with her book. It touches every aspect of your life after engagement right through the honeymoon; even bachelorette parties. In there, you will find tips to plan the things according to budget, dresses and also gifts. You can find helpful ways for making guests list, choosing the right vendors and all in details. It also indexes everything at the end which serves as a quick reference. Apart from the index, the book also has a checklist which summarises everything in there so that you won’t miss a thing.

The bride's essential wedding plannerThe Bride’s Essential Wedding Planner: Deluxe Edition Diary (2013) Written by Amy Nebens, this wedding planner is like your wedding consultant. With illustrations made by Greg Stadler, the planner contains information about all the steps in the planning process and multiple checklists. Apart from checklists, you get DIY and budget-friendly tips and a quick list of advice for reference. There are enough sheets to enlist various vendor services and their prices, details of the venue, menu, dresses and also guests. The diary also has space for seating details if you want a priority list. And even pockets to hold business cards.

The Wedding Planner & OrganizerThe Wedding Planner & Organizer Ring-bound (2012)Every wedding requires organisation – a complex one – and this ring bound organiser by Mindy Weiss serves the purpose. This wedding organiser keeps track of every detail you need to plan for the Big Day and make it a success. The diary is divided into categories such as contacts, menu, the location, flowers, invitations and every other information that you need to manage; also the vows. Not only does it acts as an organiser but it also includes tips and checklists. In the multiple sleeves it provides, you can keep all the documents you need for the wedding planning and scheduling. Moreover, you can plan the seating arrangement too.

Bridesmaid's handbookBridesmaid’s Handbook: Savvy Advice, Sensational Showers, and Secrets to Success (The Bride’s Essential) Flexibound (2013) – The job of a bridesmaid is no less stressful than the bride herself. She is the bride’s fashion consultant, backstage dresser and also acts as her psychotherapist at times. This handbook written by Kathy Passero is there to take some stress out of the bridesmaid. It contains illustrations by Greg Stadler and has a bit of humour here and there. Apart from the checklists and money-saving tips on those pre-wedding events, the book also contains ways to handle situations like nervous break-downs. It offers ways to make the event a fun experience for the bride-to-be as well as the bridesmaid.

Pocket Wedding PlannerPocket Wedding Planner 2nd Edition (2012)Another pocket-sized wedding planning help to manage wedding on-the-go is compiled by Elizabeth Catherine Myers. She is in the event management industry for a decade and included her wedding planning experience in this easy-to-read short guide. The book keeps you trouble-free with the help of useful checklists. It includes information on choosing the venue, planning and managing the parties, food, invitations, music, photography and all in cost-effective ways. It also offers help in determining who will wear what to make both bride and the bridesmaid look special on the Big Day.

Confessions of a Wedding PlannerConfessions of a Wedding Planner (2010)Now that you have a planner (and organiser) and tips to make your day a grand success let’s get you through some backstage stories. Expecting the unexpected would help you to be prepared for one of the most important days, isn’t it? And the confessions of UK’s leading wedding planner, Tamryn Kirby, help you in a way. The book is full of heart-warming experiences by Tamryn and contains stories of the bride, the bestman, the mother-in-law and also the groom. Along with those stories, the book also packs plenty of hints and tips, in the occasion of disasters.

Groom's Instruction ManualGroom’s Instruction Manual: How to Survive and Possibly Even Enjoy the Most Bewildering Ceremony Known to Man (2007) – And at last, a guide for the groom-to-be, thanks to Shandon Fowler, its author. You can’t just sit and relax while your better half is planning the entire wedding. If you’re the bride, gift this manual to your groom to let him know why you’re stressed out. Grooms also have many jobs for the upcoming wedding from hiring the bands to get the dinner arrangements. And they also have to handle the relatives.

My Dearest BridesmaidMy Dearest Bridesmaid: A Heartfelt Keepsake from the Bride in Your Life (2018) – The bridesmaid is the next important person after you made your choice of the groom and this book is a gift for her awesomeness. Written by newlywed Melanie J. Pellowski, this book is her sentimental journal of friendship and relationship with her bridesmaids. The book contains the history of bridesmaids, dos and don’ts in the party and also pages to write messages of your own – personal feelings – and even photos. It’s a fun way to invite her, propose her to be the bridesmaid and it also serves as a token of gratitude.

That was the end of the list. Wish you happy married life guys.

Best sellers for this month – Books never been so diversified before


Whether you believe it or not but books add value to one’s life in lots of ways. Different people have different tastes in reading; this diversification in tastes brings more types of books on the table by the publishers. This month’s list of bestsellers is diversified in a unique manner which you will certainly enjoy.

Here is a list of different types of popular books of this month which you might love to read.

Training Your German Shepherd DogTraining Your German Shepherd Dog by Eggeman, Hustace Walker: This book is about discovering telling the ways to train a German Shepherd Dog. The training includes housetraining, follow the verbal words of one, obedience to verbal as well as hand signals. The German shepherd dog is really very sharp minded. The dog has ability to catch and learn things easily. The training of the German Shepherd dog start in early age. The book is for those who want to train their dogs with the gentle leadership. The author use images, photos of various colors which makes the book really very attractive.

Daring to Rest Yoga Nidra Meditation ProgramThe Daring to Rest Yoga Nidra Meditation Program: A 40-Day Journey to Break the Cycle of Fatigue and Restore Vitality, Purpose, and Power by Brody: The book is about the women who need to take rest but because of social pressure or obligations, they did not take rest. The author describe the nature of woman through the book who did not allow her body to take rest and want to work more and more in small fraction of time. Through this guided program, the author makes the woman to learn how to take rest in busy life and collect all her power again. It is 40 days journey in audio form which makes women to restore their energy with Yoga Nidra Meditation.

Atomic FrenchieAtomic Frenchie: Sit. Stay. Rule. By Tom Sniegoski: The main character of the book is Kirby, is a French bulldog. He wants to rule the world by hock or cock. This is only on the one dream of him. With his super intelligent and determined behaviour, one day he realizes that he is nearer to his dream and will achieve his dream very soon. He shifts in a new home where the story took lots of turns. The book is really interesting for the reader because the writer explain the book step by step like how Kirby shifts to new home. It is just a like a movie of supermen running in front of you.

Then WhatThen What: Selected Poems by Gintaras Grajauskas: The demise of the Soviet Union, has changed the modernism direct into unfettered capitalism. The jobs, the pensions all goes disappeared, all the lives get diversified. Each and everything goes onto sale and a reformation starts. The author describes the degradation of the poetry from a big hall to coffee house size. The poet describes the reformation and how one can make his or her life in against situations. The one individual can create his own life. If you will read this book then you will love the wordings written by the author.

Practical Color CombinationsPractical Color Combinations: A Resource Book with Over 2500 Sample Color Schemes by Naomi Kuno: The book discover around 1100 unique colors which are newly discovered in the book. The author uses 10 different colors and creates 125 color palettes using these10 different colors. Around 2500 new color combinations have been found in the book using various combinations of colors. Not just the different colors but as well as their description and symbols of the colors are described in the book.

Bounceback ParentingBounceback Parenting: A Field Guide for Creating Connection Not Perfection by Alissa Marquess: The book is for parents. A parenting guide is given in the book to have more fun with you and to have a better connection with your kids. It is a type of playbook which makes you to spend your time with your kids. The books offer some challenges to moms and dads to complete these challenges. The book has a challenge for each day thus really very interesting to read the book.

Make It Stick NotebookMake It Stick Notebook : 1,000+ Stickers and a Customizable Cover by Potter: The book contains more than 1000+ stickers which you can use for bullets, marking, wish list which you can use in your own way. 12 sheets of the book contain symbols, icons and stickers which you can use to decorate and to make personalized to your books. The book contains stickers which will make your travel diaries personalized.

Awaken Clairvoyant EnergyAwaken Clairvoyant Energy by Cyndi Dale: The book makes one to learn the relationship between clairvoyance and the chakras. The book makes one to understand the insight, healing, blocks, empathy, manifesting and much more. The book explain how one can achieve the things he want to do in his life and how one can attracts the thing whom the one wants to be with. The book describes the six different clairvoyant styles with step by step guide to make one to understand the healing power.

The DC Universe by Brian K. VaughanThe DC Universe by Brian K. Vaughan by Brian K Vaughan: Brain K Vaughan is the cofounder of the comic books which are really very popular among kids while some youngsters also love to enjoy reading comic books. The writer loves to work on the funny books and with the unique writing style, the writer add surprises for people to read the book. There are various other most popular comic books written by the writer such as runaways, pride of Baghdad, Saga and many more.

The Barbarians' ReturnThe Barbarians’ Return by Mircea Dinescu: This poetry book written by Mircea Dinescu. The book includes poems which will make you to have literature with the poetry. Mircea Dinescu is a Romanian poet who comes to discover that he loves poetry and thus one day he discovers that he has written an amazing poetry. While the poet don’t just include the poems only as some pages of the book shows the literature as well and also jumps to history on some pages.

BatmanBatman by Greg Capullo, Scott Snyder: The book contains stories followed Batman who battle against deadly reapers. The Batman is the hero of the story who needs to work with the man who has already murdered his parents. There is lots of interesting turns in the story. The suspense, the thrill makes the book a worth read.

Elemental DivinationElemental Divination: A Dice Oracle by Stephen Ball: The book includes the interpretation journey of combinations of dice. You can have the answer to all your basic questions by exploring dices.  The book contains instructions list for each result of combinations.  The magic, the mystery makes the book more interesting to read