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The Art of George Rodrigue
  • The Art of George Rodrigue

The Art of George Rodrigue

Author: Ginger Danto


Key Features:

  • Publisher : Abrams
  • ISBN/EAN : 9781419703171
  • Format : Paperback
  • Pagination : 256
  • Dimensions : 305 x 229 x 22
  • Country of Pub. : United States


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£ 25.00

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Born and raised in the heart of French Louisiana, artist George Rodrigue(b.1 944) is best known for his Blue Dog paintings, which catapulted him to worldwide fame in the mid-1980s. Rodrigue, who began painting in the third grade while bedridden with polio, has already won local acclaim for his rich portrayals of the landscape and people he grew up with when Blue Dog transformed the image of the original Cajun werewolf dog the loup-garou into an international pop icon. This long-overdue retrospective features 265 paintings spanning Rodrigue's 40-year career. With a tect bny art historian and form ART news correspondent Ginger Danto, this is the first outside view and analysis of Rodrigue's paintings in book form. It covers all the distinct phases of his work, showing his development as an artist his subjects shifted from majestic oak trees to Cajun fishermen and local politicians to the incomparable Blue Dog whose mesmerizing expression and haunting eyes have captured artists and admires alike.





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