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An Introduction to Landscape
  • An Introduction to Landscape

An Introduction to Landscape

Author: Peter J. Howard


Key Features:

  • Publisher : Ashgate Publishing Group
  • ISBN/EAN : 9781409403852
  • Format : Paperback
  • Pagination : 200
  • Dimensions : 244 x 172 x 22
  • Country of Pub. : United Kingdom


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£ 30.00

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Inspiring deep emotion, landscape carries many meanings. This book follows the development of several threads of the concept of landscape as they have evolved across disciplines and across countries, leading to the European Landscape Convention and the designation of cultural landscapes as World Heritage Sites. The book introduces the key notions of landscape, such as landscape as meaning, as picture, as scale, as scenery and as place. It also considers the various factors which influence the way in which landscape is perceived now and in the past, with all of the senses. Finally, it looks of the various ways of protecting, managing and enhancing the landscape, taking into account a future of climate change. Beautifully illustrated and including 'capsules' in each section which provide fascinating insights into subjects from reading pictures, to mapping and GIS, through a discussion of the range of types of landscape to issues such as eco-museums, this book provides an excellent introductory overview for any students with an interest in the landscape around us.





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